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Samsung SDI has ranked number one in terms of the global market share of the lithium-ion batteries since 2010
through continuous technological innovation and market-driven activities.

Small-Sized Li-ion Battery

Major achievements

Maintaining stable growth through solid market power

Samsung SDI has been struggling to improve product quality and to ensure product stability since we started the lithium-ion rechargeable battery business in 2000.Especially we released the world’s first flexible battery, developing leading technology for the next generation. So we could lead in the small-sized battery market. As a result of these efforts, we took the largest market share in the global small-sized battery market in 2014, and based on a B3 report, we have maintained the No. 1 position since 2010, showing our solid market power.

Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Business Highlights
Business plan

Samsung SDI, in line with the 2014 Business Strategy, is going to actively promote new technology like high energy density, fast charging, and IoT battery in the Chinese or other emerging markets expected to grow continuously. By doing so, we are planning to strengthen our leadership in the emerging markets and to constantly expand small-sized rechargeable battery market. We’re also making efforts to respond in advance to the new needs of rechargeable battery in the future market such as wearable devices, Non-IT, and new applications in order to deliver sustainable growth.

Li-ion Battery

Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Implementation Plan

Business Strength

  • Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Technology
    Technical Excellence Developing products of world’s top performance
    Consistent R&D Investment
  • Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Manufacturing System
    Excellent System State-of-the-art Production System
    Verified Quality and Stability
  • Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Supply Chain Management
    World’s best Supply Chain Global Supply Chain Management System
    Global Sales & Service Network
  • Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Proven Performance
    Accumulated Business Experiences World’s top Li-ion Battery
    Maximum Performance


E-Bike runs from Seoul
to Chuncheon with a single charge

Samsung SDI participated in Eurobike 2015 held in Friedrichshafen, Germany to showcase its various lithium-ion battery technologies for electric bicycles. Samsung SDI exhibited six types of standardized battery packs that can be either built-in or installed on the outside bike for immediate use. It also displayed 12 types of battery packs that are currently being supplied to global manufacturing companies and the cells of various specifications. Another new technology worth noticing was the addition of Bluetooth to the battery pack which enables users to check on their smartphones for residual battery, remaining distance, and other data, while riding bicycles.

Samsung SDI Li-ion Battery Pack for golf carts
Code Name Orbis - Free - form battery
increased its capacity by 25%

Samsung SDI began developing the Free-form battery and successfully applied to the Samsung Gear S2, first shown in the market. The free-form battery installed on the Gear S2 smartwatch has the capacity of 250mAh, which is a 25% increase in capacity by better use of its space, that is, battery size is enlarged by making its shape more fitting to the watch's round space. The ultimate goal is to develop circular shape battery that can make the best use of the product.

Samsung SDI Flexible Battery

Small-Sized Li-ion Battery


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