Compliance & Ethics Management

We promote compliance with the laws and ethics to
support our sustainable growth into a world-class company.

Promote compliance
with the laws and ethics

Samsung SDI understands that ethics management is mandatory to realize sustainable management, and thus operates the Legal Compliance & IP Team that inspects the education on and the status of ethics management.

Compliance Program


This means an ongoing, integrated system and activity, aimed at protecting the company and its employees and preventing/minimizing legal risks by enforcing its employees to comply with laws and regulations when performing tasks. That is to say, it is the most important measure in enforcing compliance.

Compliance Program - 경영진의지 조직문화, 조직체계, 운영기준, 프로세스, 시스템
Complicance Program - 조직체계, 경영진의지 조직문화, 시스템, 프로세스, 운영기준

Compliance Process

Prevention, Detection, Discipline
  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Discipline
  • Prevention
    • Prevention Express CEO's Will
      Compliance training
  • Detection
    • Monitoring On-/Offline Monitoring
      Hotline Operation
  • Discipline
    • Management Proceed Improvement Project
      Compliance Organization Evaluation
      Rewards & Disciplinary Actions

CEO's Message

Samsung SDI has pursued the principle of complying with the laws and ethics for righteous management.

Law-abiding is critical in management because failure to comply with laws and regulations can cause a crisis for the company at any time. As you may already know, legal restrictions against companies are becoming stricter around the world, and companies that violate the laws are being forced to suffer even stricter punishments. Customers no longer trust companies that do not abide by laws. Therefore, lawful management is not an option, but an essential element for survival and development for a company. Samsung SDI will strictly promote lawful management.


Compliance Committee is the highest decision-making body that considers and decides on important Samsung SDI compliance-related issues.

This committee has deliberated and presented the proposal of enactment / amendment of compliance control standard to the board of directors and has deliberated and resolved for major issues related with the compliance management. Chief Compliance Officer plays the role of establishing compliance standards and regulations, managing the Compliance Committee, and providing active support for voluntary compliance of each division/team. The Compliance Leader/Manager operates a voluntary compliance program in each division/team and reports the contents of the training and results of self-examination carried out in the division/team to the Chief Compliance Officer.

CEO - 준법감사위원회, 위원장, 위원, 간사, 준법실천리더, 각 팀장, 준법실천담당자, 각 부서명, 준법지원인
  • CEO
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Committee
    Chairman : CEO
    Members : BU Leaders and HQ team leaders
    coordinator : Head of Compliance Monitoring Department
  • Compliance Leaders(Team Leaders)
  • Compliance Managers(Head of Departments)

Operation Standards

Compliance Control Regulations are the supreme regulations of compliance and prescribes basic procedures and other relevant matters regarding Samsung SDI's Compliance Program.

Compliance Operating Rules regulate the duties of the Chief Compliance Officer as well as the specific procedures and policies that SDI's employees should abide by in order to comply with the Compliance Control Regulations. Code of Conduct provides guidelines and standards that employees must conform to in order to comply with the Compliance Control Regulations and the Compliance Operating Rules. Guidelines provide commentaries on 6 Samsung SDI business-related laws (Fair Competition, Trade Secret, Unfair Trade Practice, Anti-Corruption, Personal Information, and Subcontract) and checklists for each relevant business practice area.

  • Compliance Policy
  • Compliance Monitoring Management Rule
  • Code of Conduct
  • Guideline
Code of Conduct Download

Compliance System

Samsung SDI runs a comprehensive compliance system to support its compliance activities.

  • Compliance System, an internal portal, enables to heighten understanding of the compliance system within Samsung SDI community and perform self-checking.
  • In addition, Compliance System is available anytime for advice intended to proactively prevent legal risks that may arise at work.
  • Furthermore, the Compliance System regularly updates with the legal trend at home and abroad and other information to help the employees enhance legal literacy.


Compliance Program is a key to protect the company and its employees. Samsung SDI will lead the way to global compliance management with its unshakable commitment to the implementation of compliance in its daily operation.

  • 2019
    • 01Special Training on Trade Secrets for transferred employees
  • 2018
    • 11Training on Personal Information Protection Act
    • 11Special Training on Trade Secrets and Cartel
    • 10Compliance Training for expatriates and local employees on Europe Corporates
    • 08Training for Sales Corporates
    • 07Compliance Training for Overseas Subsidiaries
    • 05Compliance Training for suppliers and vendors
    • 04Special Training on Trade Secrets
    • 03Compliance Training for Compliance Managers
    • 02Online Lectures for all-personnel of SDI
    • 01Intensive Training on The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act
  • 2017
    • 11Training on Personal Information Protection Act
    • 10Special Training on Subcontract
    • 08Compliance Training for expatriate candidates
    • 06Offline Lectures for all-personnel of SDI
    • 05Special Training on Guide-line of The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act
    • 05Compliance Training for suppliers and vendors
    • 04Compliance Training for Compliance Managers
    • 01Compliance Training for Overseas Subsidiaries
  • 2016
    • 11Quiz Event on The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act
    • 09Special Training on The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act
    • 08Special Training on Trade Secret for Overseas Subsidiaries
    • 07Workshop on Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Agreement
    • 06Compliance Training for suppliers and vendors
    • 05Compliance Training for expatriate candidates
    • 04Environmental Management Training for suppliers and vendors
    • 02Compliance Training for Compliance Managers
  • 2015
    • 11SDI Compliance Conference held
    • 08Offline Lectures for all-personnel of SDI
    • 07Award Compliance Excellence Employees in the Foundation Day
    • 05Compliance Training for SDI’s Suppliers
    • 04Compliance Training for Foreign Subsidiaries
    • 02Compliance Training for Compliance Managers
  • 2014
    • 11SDI Compliance Conference held (Annually)
    • 10Special training in Cartel prevention
    • 08Field audit of foreign subsidiaries
    • 07Training in Personal Information Protection Act
    • 07‘Compliance guide with cases’
      on-line course opened
    • 06Compliance training for Samsung Partners
    • 05SDI Compliance Academy held
    • 03Held training for Subcontract Proficiency Certification
  • 2013
    • 11Held Samsung SDI Compliance Conference 2013 (Annual conference)
    • 10Held Cartel Invitational Education Program
    • 09Held Education Program for Visiting Contractors and Business Secrets
    • 07Reviewed Privacy Act Compliance Status
    • 07Established Corruption Prevention Guideline
    • 06Samsung SDI Compliance Academy held
    • 05‘Conduct Compliance Together’
      on-line course opened
    • 05Compliance Conference held in China
    • 04Compliance training for Samsung Partners
    • 03Compliance Conference held in the USA(Annually
  • 2012
    • 11Received "Best Practice Award" at Samsung SDI Compliance Conference
    • 1010 Field audit of foreign subsidiaries
    • 1010 Implementation of English and Chinese versions in Compliance System
    • 07‘Samsung SDI Compliance Program(Ⅱ)’
      online course opened
    • 06SDI Compliance Academy held(Annually)
    • 05Compliance Conference held in China(Annually)
    • 04Invitational lecture on international cartel by Korea Fair Trade Commission
    • 03Appointment of compliance officer by the board of directors
    • 03Declaration of CEO's compliance volition (By CEO message)
  • 2011
    • 12Training in Personal Information Protection Act in each business site
    • 09Field audit of foreign subsidiaries
    • 08Training in anti-corruption law
    • 06‘Samsung SDI Compliance Program’
      online course opened(Annually)
    • 03Introduction of Compliance Program (to the representatives of Samsung Partners)
    • 03Expansion of compliance organization (established 'Compliance Team')
    • 03Submitted Pledge of Compliance (Annually)
    • 02Training in compliance program for new personnel
  • 2010
    • 1212 The board of directors and the management committee approved ‘Compliance Monitoring, Management Rule’, ‘Code of Conduct’,
      ‘Fair Trade Compliance Regulation’
    • 10"Compliance Policy" opened
    • 09The board of directors approved ‘Compliance Policy’
    • 05Compliance declaration ceremony held(with the 40th company anniversary ceremony)
    • 01CEO's special lecture on compliance program