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Energy Storage System (ESS) is a fast-growing technology, and Samsung SDI is leading the global ESS market. A large number of clients in Korea, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia have been using Samsung SDI’s ESS. For instance, we are maintaining the top share in Japanese residential Li-ion battery market since 2012 and providing our products to a lot of multinational companies. We also received a Company of the Year Award for Energy Storage in Europe 2014 from Frost & Sullivan, proving the global recognition for our technology.


Global Track Record

Utility/Commercial - Country, Project Name, Operation, Function, Capacity, Partner/Client
Country Project Name Operation Function Capacity Partner/Client
Country ukUK Project Name Smart Network Storage Operation Dec.2014 Function F/R, Ancillary service Capacity 6MW/10MWh Partner/Client UKPN
Country GermanyGermany Project Name WEMAG substation Schwerin Operation Sep.2014 Function F/R Capacity 5MW/5MWh Partner/Client WEMAG
Country ItalyItaly Project Name Grid4EU (ENEL Distribuzione) Operation Apr.2014 Function Voltage Support Capacity 1MW/1MWh Partner/Client ENEL
Country KoreaKorea Project Name KEPCO Sin-yongin s/s Operation Dec.2014 Function F/R Capacity 24MW/18MWh Partner/Client KEPCO
Country KoreaKorea Project Name KEPCO Jocheon s/s Operation Jun.2013 Function Utility Capacity 4MW/8MWh Partner/Client KEPCO
Country JapanJapan Project Name Tokunoshima Project Operation Apr.2015 Function F/R Capacity 2MW/781kWh Partner/Client Edison Power
Country AustraliaAustralia Project Name Grid Energy Storage System Operation Dec.2014 Function F/R, Power Back-up Capacity 1MW/1.5MWh Partner/Client AusNet
Country USAUSA Project Name CCET Wind power demo project (Texas) Operation Sep.2013 Function Primary response Capacity 1MW/1MWh Partner/Client CCET
UPS & UES - Application, Customer/Facility, Operation, Capacity, Remarks
Application Customer/Facility Operation Capacity Remarks
Application UPS Customer/Facility Shinhan Bank Jukjeon data center Operation Oct.2012 Capacity 500kVA*32 UPS with 4.1MWh Remarks World’s first data center using Li-ion battery(LIB)
Application UPS Customer/Facility Duzon data center Operation Oct.2012 Capacity 500kVA*2 UPS with 0.3MWh Remarks -
Application UPS Customer/Facility Samsung Group Material Research Complex Operation May.2013 Capacity 500kVA*4 UPS with 1.0MWh Remarks for supercomputer
Application UPS Customer/Facility Samsung Display Operation Aug.2014 Capacity 2500kVA* 10UPS with 9.5MWh Remarks for LCD/AMOLED production line
Application UPS Customer/Facility Samsung Electronics Operation Dec.2014 Capacity 1500kVA*3UPS with 1.5MWh Remarks for semiconductor production line
Application UPS Customer/Facility Samsung SDS Sangam data center Operation Feb.2015 Capacity 1600kVA*12UPS with 5.5MWh Remarks -
Application UPS Customer/Facility UAE nuclear power plant Operation Jun.2015 Capacity 160kVA*2UPS with 0.5MWh Remarks for computer center of nuclear plant
Application UPS Customer/Facility Samsung SDI Operation Apr.2015 Capacity 500kVA UPS with 363kWh Remarks World’s first installation and operation of UES model
Residential - Classify , model, Selling countries, Selling point
Classify model Selling countries Selling point
일본 니치콘社 맞춤형 배터리
Classify Battery for residential storage model Customized battery of Nichicon Japan Selling countries Japan Selling point 2012~
Classify model Selling countries Selling point
Classify 1.77kWh Model model 14S20P 1.77kWh Tray Selling countries India / Indonesia / Vietnam Selling point 2014. 3 ~
Classify 779Wh Model model 13S8P779Wh Tray Selling countries Japan Selling point 2014. 7 ~
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