Spin-on Dielectrics

A coating material that insulates between transistors or between conducting metal wires

Samsung SDI SOD (Spin – on Dielectrics)

Product Introduction

Samsung SDI SOD Product
SOD (Spin-on Dielectrics)

SOD (Spin-on Dielectrics), a leakage blocker, is a coating material applied in the SiO₂ thin film process, which insulates between transistors or layers. Existing method for SiO₂ thin film production was CVD (Chemical Vapor evaporation), but as the pattern gets finer, spin coating process which makes the surface flat without void is now being adopted. SOD is applied to this spin coating process, so it enables significant improvement of productivity and cost reduction for equipment investment.*Spin coating process
Spin coating is a procedure that involves evaporating a coating material onto the wafer and then spinning it at high speed to make it spread thin

Product Benefits

SOD (Spin-on Dielectrics) Strength
Excellent quality control

Low level of metal,chlorine and organic compound impurities

High conversion rate of SiO2

Enhancing customer’s reliability due to the high purity Thin film

Excellent Gap-Fill characteristics and surface smoothness Optimized customer process

Excellent material property under various conditions of Etching and Annealing

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