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Leading Green Revolution

Samsung SDI aims to accelerate vehicle electrification in China

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China Leading Green Revolution

China has made outstanding strides in the last three decades, becoming the largest automotive market in the world. However, the country’s rapid pace of urbanization and economic development has placed enormous strains on energy resources and the environment. To address these issues without compromising its economic growth objectives and the living standards of its people, China is intending to roll out more stringent fuel efficiency standards for new passenger cars and introduce New Energy Vehicles (NEV) at an accelerated pace. A New Energy Vehicle (NEV) is defined as a vehicle which uses alternative fuel technologies and electrification technologies, thus emitting no or significantly less chemical and particulate pollutants than traditional gasoline or diesel engines. It refers to vehicles using unconventional vehicle fuels as a power source, or vehicles using conventional fuels with new automotive propulsion systems. The Chinese government aims at ownership of five million NEVs by 2020.

Innovative high energy
density cells made in China

Samsung SDI firmly believes that creating a greener and more energy-efficient vehicles are a key component in helping China achieve a sustainable energy future. As an eco-friendly and clean energy solution specialist, we are committed to supporting the Chinese automotive industry to reduce the dependency on oil-based fuels as well as air pollution by using advanced automotive batteries manufactured in China. Teaming up with two Chinese companies - Anqing Ring New Group and Xi'an High-Technology Group - Samsung SDI built an automotive battery plant in the Xi'an high-technology zone in the Shannxi Province. We are the first global automotive battery company to start mass production in China. The construction of the plant had started in 2014 and became operational in September 2015 to serve Chinese automakers. China will play an increasingly important role in the automotive world and especially in the development of NEV technology. With cutting-edge, advanced battery technologies, Samsung SDI will forge the foundation in the world's biggest new energy vehicle market and pursue to contribute to China’s leading position in this emerging industry.