Implementation System

Sustainability Management (SM) System

Our sustainable management is directed towards providing the frame that identifies opportunities and risk factors in terms of the economy, society, and environment. Also, it is to solve and improve the issues with our stakeholders. To this end, we supervise sustainable management in an integrated form, based on various policies and conferences.
Since 2004, Samsung SDI has operated the SM Steering Committee, a management-level consultative group that plans the company-wide directions, responds to the stakeholders' expectations and makes relevant decisions. The CEO and other key executives participate in the SM Steering Committee to share major issues on sustainable management, goals, and directions, in addition to reviewing and approving the key agendas including our Sustainable Reports.

SM Office The SM office is fully in charge of securing the drives behind the entire company's sustainable management while improving execution capabilities for detailed agendas. Its key roles include identifying domestic and international sustainable management trends. Also, it manages and supports sustainable management activities within the organization. In particular, the SM office drafts agendas for discussion and approval at the SM Steering Committee and for reporting to the BOD when decision-making at the management level is required. Lastly, the office cooperates with relevant SM personnel to respond to stakeholder’s expectations and requests.

Samsung SDI – Implementation System
Samsung SDI – Implementation System
  • SM Office
    • Key Tasks Monitor sustainable management issues
      Establish directions for sustainable management and support relevant tasks
      Communication with the key stakeholders
      Publish sustainability reports
      Respond to external evaluation
World recognized Samsung SDI sustainability management

Samsung SDI, an Eco-friendly and clean energy solution company, has been selected as a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes(DJSI) 13 times

US-based leading global index provider Dow Jones and Swiss-based investment boutique SAM(Sustainable Asset Management) have been jointly providing sustain-ability benchmarks since 1999. More than just tracking financial performance, DJSI offers the comprehensive assessment of ethical, environmental and social sustainability performances of the world's large companies. Samsung SDI – DJSI Asia Pacific (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes)