Provides optimized products and solutions based on the technology

Samsung SDI provides one-stop ESS solution, an integration of design, production, and installation based on our excellent Cell technology. We also develop and provide optimized products that fit the conditions of the power grid and energy environment of each country. Samsung SDI’s world-leading technology – safe, efficient and economic – will progress and advance endlessly.

ESS Battery Pack/Ess System
  • Proven Cell technology for IT products and prestigious automobiles

    Samsung SDI’s Cell technology is definitely holding the world’s best. Our lithium-ion battery is applied to the high-tech products as IT devices and automobiles. Samsung SDI ESS uses high-capacity and long-lasting batteries that are identical to the batteries of BMW, The world’s finest automaker renowned for global top quality and technology. Verified by the market and the customers, our ESS assures long and safe use of electric energy.

  • The only way to realize the complete ESS

    Samsung SDI provides a variety of applications – from kWh size to MWh. In order to provide top-level & optimized ESS for each application, advanced battery system technology is required. With our ESS technology, dozens or thousands of battery Cells can be formed into the complete ESS. We have whole ESS technologies such as battery packing, BMS, maintenance service and cooling system, and still try to improve ESS specialized skills through innovative thinking and customer-oriented technology.

  • Eco-nomic technology for everyone

    Future green energy becomes more valuable when shared with people around us. From the planning stage, we design a product in consideration of customers and their environment to make more economical and efficient products such as lightweight plastic module, dual type rack, etc.
    Samsung SDI develops customer oriented green technology to prepare for tomorrow.

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