Safety Environment Policy

Creating Safe Workplace
& Eco-Value Creation

We establish eco-friendly and safe workplaces based on
‘safe environment is the management’s No. 1 principle.’

and safe workplaces

Samsung SDI will continue its efforts to create safe,
healthy, and environmentally friendly working environment as a world-leading company.

Safety Environment Policy

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Safety Environment
Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., a leading company in the fields of eco-friendly and global materials and total energy solutions,
recognizes health and safety as a fundamental element of management, ensures a safe and healthy workplace, actively
practices global environmental protection, and pursues socially responsible, sustainable management.
Site Global Environment Management System
  • The company complies with domestic and overseas laws, regulations, global standards and treaties pertaining to safety, health, environment, and energy, and establishes and faithfully enforces systematic internal standards for sate environment, zero-hazard compliance.
  • In order to understand and practice a safe environment management system, the company educates all its employees and conducts all activities with a sense of responsibility and obligation through communication with stakeholders.
Eco-friendly Management Practice
  • The company recognizes the importance of biodiversity preservation throughout its business activities and executes its responsibility in all production processes to minimize harmful environmental consequences throughout all the stages from raw materials, parts, and purchase of packaging materials, to product development, production, logistics, and disposal.
  • The company actively reuses and recycles water and waste and continuously makes its best efforts to reduce use of chemical substances, energy, water resources, and polluting discharge.
  • The company actively makes contributions to overcome the climate change crisis by expanding the use of reusable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing deforestation, and establishing a lawtul carbon ecosystem
Realization of Health and Safety-Oriented Corporate Values
  • In order to ensure safe work conditions, the company creates a culture that's puts safety first, operates a prior risk management system for prior issue recognition, and risk factor prevention, realizes serious disaster prevention and an accident-free workplace, and maintains an emergency response system to maintain business continuity.
  • The company creates a pleasant work environment, pursues health enhancement of employees, and strives to the best of its abilities to protect employees and local residents from epidemics and disasters.
Green Community-Oriented Public Image Creation
  • The company shares and supports its safe environment-oriented management system with its partners to establish eco-friendly win win partnerships, and makes contributions to local community development through continuous environmental preservation pursuits as a local community member.
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Our environmental management system and OHS management system received the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 each.