The reason why e-Bike attracts the attention of the people

Why e-Bike attracts the attention?

e-Bike is a useful daily urban transport system. Available mileage with a single charge of battery is approx. 7~80 km and a single recharge cost is 100 won only. Since this is not a fossil fuel transport, carbon footprint is zero and also, it has various advantages such as environmental friendly, economically efficient and health improvement and the users can be free from the traffic congestion and can have exercise through pedaling. 


Because of these advantages, e-Bike market is growing rapidly. In accordance with the information from the bike industries, global sales volume of e-Bike was increased by 25% during last 3 years and it is expected to become over 40 million for this year from 3.206 million on 2012.


Samsung SDI’s e-Bike batteries 

Lead batteries for e-Bikes tends to be replaced by Li-Ion. Cylindrical Li-Ion batteries that mainly used for laptop computers before are being used for e-Bikes now. 


Samsung SDI is ranked No. 1 in small battery market for last 5 years and we are the manufacturer of the battery packs for e-Bikes. Since energy density of Li-Ion battery is very high, weight is 1/3 of lead battery and volume is 1/2 only. It also has the advantages such as fast recharging and more than 3 times of longer lifespan.  


Samsung SDI is supplying the batteries not only to the domestic bike exclusive brand companies such as Alton and Samchunri but also to foreign manufacturers in Europe and China that e-Bike market is well developed. In accordance with the information from the market research organization, B3, Samsung SDI is ranked No. 1 in e-Bike Li-Ion battery market with 25% of market share during 4th quarter of last year. 


e-Bike needs dozens of cylindrical Li-Ion batteries while only 3~6 of them are used for laptop computers. This means that the potential marketability of Li-Ion batteries for e-Bike not only has but also expands its great importance now. Industries expects more than 12% of e-Bike market growth in average until 2020. 


Could the future of bike be an IT integrated object like electric vehicle?

While the battery is applied to the bike, it is expected that they will not only become the power source of the drive but also bring the innovation to the bike as it can be the energy source of various electronic-electric devices such as communication and monitoring instruments. 


Use of display that shows the status of bike such as mileage, speed, momentum, residual battery, power generation etc. is actualized already and the auto transmission function that bike recognizes the geographical features by itself and allow the bike rider pedal with same power on the flatland and uphill road is under development now. Bike will be changed with unpredictable features in the future if this kind of various IT technologies are applied.