What are battery technologies used for cordless power tools?

What does “a high-power battery” mean? When we use a battery, electric current flows from cathode to anode, producing electric energy. Here, ‘voltage’ makes electric current flow, and it even speeds up or slows down the flow. Higher voltage makes high ampere, thus increasing the power of a battery.


A high-power battery can make strong power in a short time. A high-power battery with high voltage can be used at devices that require instant power.


High power battery is Transfer a large number of electrons at a time, Low power battery is Transfer a small number of electrons 




Gardening tools with Li-ion battery 

Unlike in Korea, gardening is a daily routine in the U.S. and Europe. In areas where many people do the gardening, it is easy to find gardening power tools at a market. 


Lawn mower with Li-ion battery 

[ Lawn mower with Li-ion battery ] 


In Korea, we can easily see people using a lawn mower or a chain saw to cut weeds around graves or to cut down trees. And there are also people who mow a yard of the house. Gardening power tools are used by many people in our daily lives.


Market forecast of power and gardening tools 



Rapid growth of cordless power tools 


As gardening power tools are in high demand, ready-to-assemble furniture is highly used in other countries, making the power tool market bigger. After IKEA, a global furniture company, was launched in Korea, more people in Korea are using ready-to-assemble furniture, so the power tool market is getting much attention. 


We used to use corded products with a big size and had to plug the cord into an outlet, but we now use cordless tools that are lightweight and portable. So, power tools are taking a huge market share. 


Samsung SDI's small sized battery 



With the increasing use of gardening and power tools, the high-power lithium-ion battery market is consistently growing. TechNavio, a market research company says that the global wireless power tool market is expected see annual growth of 6% from 2020 to 2024 with 6.17 billion dollars. So, the power tool market will grow together with the advancement of the battery technology. 



Samsung SDI’s high-power cylindrical battery 


In 2005, we entered the power tool market by successfully developing a lithium-ion battery for power tools for the first time in Korea. Power tools require high power and safety since they are used for drilling concrete, cutting trees or grinding metal. Therefore, a long-standing and high-power battery is needed for a power tool to make a strong and instant power. 


Samsung SDI developed two batteries: 65mm-long and 18mm-in-diameter ‘18650’ cylindrical battery, and 70mm-long and 21mm-in-diameter ‘21700’ cylindrical battery with 50% higher energy capacity compared to the ‘18650’. With these batteries, we could make technological progress to respond to client’s requirements for battery capacity and life.


18650 small cylindrical battery and 21700 small cylindrical battery 



‘21700 battery’ has the size that can maximize capacity, life and power, so it is widely used at ESS(Energy Storage System), power tools and EVs, receiving much attention from global manufacturers. 


Samsung SDI is leading the high-power battery technology for cordless power tools and gardening tools which require strong power. We look forward to your continued support for Samsung SDI’s battery, which is making a better world with our standardized technology and high capability.