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Samsung SDI Automotive Battery  - The center of the automotive revolution
At the heart of automotive revolution: Battery 101

A battery pack that powers electrified vehicles consists of individual battery cells and modules organized in series and parallel.
A cell is the smallest unit of a battery, comprised of 4 key components including cathode, anode, electrolyte and separator. The characteristics of a battery cell play a pivotal role in the overall performance of electrified vehicles. There are various forms of a cell such as prismatic, cylindrical and polymer, and Samsung SDI offers prismatic battery cells for automotive applications.
A module consists of multiple cells connected in series and/or parallel, encased in a mechanical structure. The compact and stackable design of Samsung SDI prismatic battery cells facilitates easy cell modularity and is ideal for various configurations.
A battery pack is assembled by connecting multiple modules together in series or parallel with sensors and controllers including battery management systems and thermal management systems, and then encased in a housing structure as a final battery product designed specifically for each vehicle model.

Battery Pack
Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack
Samsung SDI develops compact, high-performance battery packs optimized for vehicle installation and performs a variety of projects with global car manufacturers.

Lightweight, durable packs with battery management systems that ensure the performance, safety and longevity of the cells are critical to the overall performance of the vehicle. Samsung SDI has developed pack platforms for high voltage battery systems and is currently working on various projects with global OEMs.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack for PHEV
    Battery Pack for PHEV

    Incorporating battery cells with the industry’s highest volumetric power and energy density, a longer electric driving range is possible - 50km in the case of an A/B-segment vehicle and 40km in case of a C-segment vehicle. This product is currently in development.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack for HEV
    Battery Pack for HEV

    This is a high power density battery pack with high-strength durability in a lightweight design. This battery pack is designed to perform under the toughest moisture and dust conditions, with an IP level of 54 and has an optimized air flow path, resulting in the minimal temperature variation between battery cells.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive 12V Dual Pack for Micro HEV
    12V Dual Pack for Micro HEV

    Samsung SDI has developed a lithium-ion battery pack solution that further increases the fuel efficiency of vehicles equipped with stop/start systems. This new battery pack allows the stop/start system to use more regenerative power than current conventional systems that use a single lead-acid battery.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack for BEV
    Battery Pack for BEV

    The most important target of battery pack development is not only to decrease the cost but also to increase the energy density, which means to increase the driving range of BEV or to reduce the volume and weight of a pack. Compact and lightweight modules with prismatic Li-Ion cells guarantee optimization of installation space in a BEV.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack for PHEV
    Battery Pack for PHEV

    The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle application requires a high power performing energy storage system in combination with optimized energy density on a constant level over the long lifetime. The energy storage system is based on high power, low resistance Lithium-ion Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese (NCM) cell in a standard VDA format that is built into a modular structure. Equipped with a compact integrated liquid cooling system the PHEV energy storage system is characterized by its high energy and lightweight.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack for HEV
    Battery Pack for HEV

    Hybrid vehicles require battery systems with the highest power density to absorb and release energy in a high dynamic mode during the drive mode as well as during recuperation mode.
    Hybrid concepts aim at reducing CO2 and damaging emissions. Full hybrid vehicles offer an additional electrical range of short distances.

  • Samsung SDI Automotive Battery Pack for HEV(Busses&Trucks)
    Battery Pack for HEV (Busses & Trucks)

    The battery design for commercial vehicles is engineered for highest recuperation capability and longest life. Hybrid concepts aim at reducing CO2 and damaging emissions.
    A robust mechanical construction and a sophisticated cooling were developed for the specific commercial vehicle usage (mechanical stress, high load cycles).