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battery module


자동차 혁명의 중심에 위치 : 배터리 101에 관한 이미지
At the heart of automotive revolution: Battery 101

A battery pack that powers electrified vehicles consists of individual battery cells and modules organized in series and parallel. A cell is the smallest unit of a battery, comprised of 4 key components including cathode, anode, electrolyte and separator. The characteristics of a battery cell play a pivotal role in the overall performance of electrified vehicles. There are various forms of a cell such as prismatic, cylindrical and polymer, and Samsung SDI offers prismatic battery cells for automotive applications. A module consists of multiple cells connected in series and/or parallel, encased in a mechanical structure. The compact and stackable design of Samsung SDI prismatic battery cells facilitates easy cell modularity and is ideal for various configurations. A battery pack is assembled by connecting multiple modules together in series or parallel with sensors and controllers including battery management systems and thermal management systems, and then encased in a housing structure as a final battery product designed specifically for each vehicle model.

Battery Module
Battery Module에 관한 이미지
Battery Module에 관한 이미지 Battery Module에 관한 이미지 Battery Module에 관한 이미지
Samsung SDI produces robust, standardized battery modules that demonstrate high productivity and flexibility.

Samsung SDI has developed lightweight, durable modules with battery management systems.

  • Battery module for PHEV
    Battery module for PHEV

    The battery cell compression and retention components of the module are laser-welded, as are the cell-to-cell bus bars, ensuring excellent long-term performance.

  • Battery module for HEV
    Battery module for HEV

    Incorporating battery cells with the industry’s highest power density, this battery module offers excellent fuel savings. Also, this battery module itself is mechanically stable against shock as it is built on one robust main frame structure with high-strength steel.