Enabling People

WE Dream

For our planet and the next generation, we protect our environment and create green energy to contribute to solving social issues.

  • WE Dream Green - Create a beautiful world Making beautiful world

    Volunteer centers in Cheongju have performed extensive community welfare services in the disadvantaged rural areas. Staff and local volunteers are working together for a better place to live. Those works include wall painting, wall papering, floor papering, hairdressing and environmental cleanup.

  • WE Dream Green - Scuba diving marine purification Skin-scuba Marine Cleanup

    Skin-scuba club in Yeosu Volunteer center has been performing marine cleaning activities since 1995. Using their certificated expertise, its members are working as ‘Sea Guardians’ to protect fishing villages against marine pollution that threatens their livelihood.

  • WE Dream Green - One Company, One River One plant one river caring

    Samsung SDI continues to conduct river and stream cleanup activities. Especially on the Environment Day and the Water Day, staff of entire plant of SDI participated in cleaning and caring the local stream. Even at the end of the year, instead of having the end-of-the-year ceremony, we enjoyed stream caring which gave us a meaningful closing of the year.