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Samsung SDI to Showcase Future Technologies at EVS37

Samsung SDI to Showcase Future Technologies at EVS37

□ Company presents industry-leading innovations enabled by ‘super-gap’ technology including all solid-state battery, ultra-fast charging, and ultra-long life battery
​ Samsung SDI CEO Yoon-ho Choi says, "Samsung SDI is well on the way to secure key future technologies … With ‘super-gap’ technology, we will pioneer the global EV market”


SEOUL, Korea – April 23, 2024 – Samsung SDI today announced that will be taking part in the 37th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition (EVS37) that kicks off on April 23 for a four-day run in Seoul.


The EVS boasts a rich history of being held since 1969 and is the longest-running international convention for electric mobility. Often called as ‘World EV Olympics,’ the conference serves as a forum where academic experts and industry businesses gather to showcase cutting-edge technologies of electric transportation. This is the third time that South Korea became the host for the EVS, following the events held in 2002 and in 2015. 




Samsung SDI marks the second attendance, doubling its presentation scale from the first appearance in 2015. The company is slated to highlight its ‘super-gap’ technology by displaying industry-leading innovations such as all solid-state batteries (ASB) which it eyes to start mass-producing in 2027, and technologies for 9-minute ultra-fast charging as well as over 20-year battery life. 


The company will spotlight the all solid-state battery technology geared with an anode-free configuration and the highest energy density (900 watt-hours per liter) in the industry by exhibiting the competitive technological features on the central panel in its booth. The company’s preparation roadmap for ASB mass production will also be featured in the booth, pronouncing its leadership in the beyond-lithium-ion battery (BLI) technology. 


The battery maker will unveil two technologies that are considered to be the gateway to full-fledged commercialization of electric vehicles: ultra-fast charging and ultra-long battery life. The company plans to expedite transition to the era of EV transportation by achieving mass production of batteries that can be charged to 80% within just 9 minutes by 2026 while looking to mass-produce batteries that have 20-year lifespan by 2029.


Samsung SDI’s no-thermal propagation technology will be drawing attention as EVS37 is dedicating one of the technology summit themes to ‘EV safety for thermal runaway.’ Samsung SDI utilizes built-in vents that exhausts heat and gas arising from an impact or a fire so as to minimize propagation of thermal runaway. 


New products from the company such as 46-phi batteries will also be part of the exhibition along with a cell-to-pack (CTP) concept that increases energy density yet decreases cost. 




“Samsung SDI is well on the way to secure key technologies for industry-leading innovations that include all solid-state battery, ultra-fast charging, and ultra-long life battery,” said Samsung SDI President & CEO Yoon-ho Choi. “With the technology leadership enabled by our ‘super-gap’ technology, Samsung SDI will pioneer the future global EV market.”


In addition, there will be a showcase of Samsung SDI’s environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) achievements. Visitors to its exhibition zone can check out the Samsung battery affiliate’s efforts to seek sustainable growth as demonstrated in the commitment to the RE100 initiative as well as the feat of becoming the first secondary battery maker to receive carbon emission labels on its products.