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Samsung SDI to Present Essence of Super-Gap Battery Technology at InterBattery 2024

Samsung SDI to Present Essence of Super-Gap Battery Technology at InterBattery 2024


□ Company unveils mass-production readiness roadmap for all solid-state battery featuring the industry’s highest energy density

​□ ​Showcases innovative technologies of 9-minute 80% charging, over 20-year long life battery, and cell-to-pack (CTP) configuration
​□ ​Samsung Battery Box receives ESS Best Innovator Award
​□ ​Samsung SDI CEO Yoon-ho Choi remarks, "Samsung SDI's preparations for mass-producing next-generation products of various form factors such as all solid-state battery are well underway as we are set to lead the global battery market with our unrivalled 'super-gap' technology."

SEOUL, Korea – March 5, 2024 – Samsung SDI today announced its participation in InterBattery 2024 that kicks off on March 6 for a three-day run in Seoul. The company is poised to unveil a suite of 'super-gap' battery technologies encompassing fast charging and ultra-long life battery as well as its mass-production readiness roadmap for all solid-state battery, a beyond lithium-ion battery solution.


Enriching this year's InterBattery Korea, Samsung SDI bids to solidify its technological leadership in all solid-state battery while presenting a myriad of product line-ups embodied with its 'super-gap' technology that will lead the battery market going forward.

Mass-production readiness roadmap for all solid-state battery with top energy density of 900Wh/L

To be made public for the first time ever is Samsung SDI's roadmap for achieving mass-production of all solid-state battery (ASB) geared with the industry-highest energy density of 900Wh/L. 

Dubbed as a dream battery by many, ASB is a next-generation battery solution with a filling of solid electrolyte that has significant effect in reducing a fire risk and increasing a driving range. 

This roadmap illustrates Samsung SDI's preparations from development to mass-production of ASB. Its energy density jumps up by 40% from the level posted by P5, Samsung SDI's own prismatic battery product currently under production. The Samsung battery arm plans to implement the industry-top level energy density in its ASB product by leveraging the company's proprietary solid electrolyte and anode-less technologies, the latter of which enables higher cathode capacity. 

In December 2023, Samsung SDI established a dedicated control tower for the ASB business, ASB Commercialization Team. The all solid-state battery pilot line was set up in the Samsung SDI R&D Center in Suwon last year and is currently delivering proto samples. Samsung SDI' roadmap will demonstrate that every aspect of its plan for mass-producing all solid-state battery in 2027 is well on track, from development, production line, project launch to supply chain management. 

Ultra-fast charging from 8 to 80% in just 9 minutes; over 20-year long life battery; 20% lighter cell-to-pack platform

Samsung SDI is also slated to unveil its ultra-fast charging technology that reaches 80% charge from 8% in just 9 minutes, an unprecedented feat in the industry. 

This feature is made possible by optimizing lithium-ion transfer path and enabling low resistance. The company aims to carry this technology development to a mass-production phase by 2026. This technology is expected to cut charging time significantly compared to P5. 

Another technological prowess Samsung SDI will be presenting is its plan to develop and mass-produce a battery solution that lasts more than 20 years by 2029. Such longer battery life, more than double of battery life of products currently available in the market, will be achieved by strengthening durability of materials going into a battery, according to the company's plan. 

Samsung SDI will exhibit a prismatic battery form factor where terminal is moved side-way in contrast to conventional top terminal, in order to enhance energy efficiency and cooling efficacy. Another eye-catching concept is cell-to-pack (CTP) technology for prismatic cells. Samsung SDI seeks to show how it reduces the number of components by more than 35% and the weight by 20%, which serves to materialize high energy density and remarkable cost reduction.

Samsung SDI will showcase no thermal propagation technology, a safety feature that prevents propagation of thermal runaway in the event of a fire or an impact, by exhausting high-temperature gas through a vent built in the cells. 

Also included in the exhibition by Samsung SDI is its battery product portfolio that spans over a broadened spectrum from premium to affordable segments: nickel-cobalt-aluminum (NCA) 46-phi cells with high nickel content, mid-nickel manganese batteries (NMX) as well as lithium ion phosphate batteries (LFP). 

Samsung SDI praised for innovative Samsung Battery Box, and for ESG activities

Samsung SDI's ESS solution Samsung Battery Box (SBB) was honored with ESS Battery Innovator Award from a new award segment introduced in InterBattery 2024. SBB is well-recognized in global markets in the United States and Europe for its easy installation and advanced safety enabled by direct injection systems. 

In its exhibition zone reserved for the company's small battery products, visitors can check out a range of small battery applications employing Samsung SDI products: high-power cylindrical batteries for garden & power tools and vacuum cleaners, pouch batteries for IT devices like Galaxy S24, as well as wearable application batteries. 

Samsung SDI's consistent drive for ESG management is set to be exhibited in a dedicated, ESG-themed zone. The products for which Samsung SDI became the first lithium-battery maker to receive carbon footprint labeling will be on display, as well as numerous achievements made in environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects: publication of Sustainability Report for the first time in Korea back in 2003, history of being listed on Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, the plan to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2025 as a member of RE100 Initiative, along with battery recycling efforts.
"Our preparations for mass-producing next-generation products of various form factors such as all solid-state battery are well underway as we are set to lead the global battery market with our unrivalled 'super-gap' technology," said President and CEO of Samsung SDI Yoon-ho Choi. "The InterBattery 2024 is a chance to observe Samsung SDI's differentiated technologies as well as the endeavor to make the world greener and sustainable through our innovative technology."