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Samsung SDI, "Let’s shape the future with a super-gap strategy in the next 50 years"

- A celebration speech of Samsung SDI’s 50th anniversary -


□ The ceremony of the 50th anniversary was held at the Giheung campus
  … The ceremony was broadcasted on TV for a ‘safe ceremony’
  … The ceremony was broadcasted on TV for a ‘safe ceremony’​


□ CEO Jun Young-hyun presented three tasks to become a company with the ‘super-gap strategy’
  ▷ ‘Social responsibility’ to enrich our society
  ▷ A ‘corporate culture’ with autonomy and creativity
  ▷ ‘Social responsibility’ to enrich our society​


A celebration speech of Samsung SDI’s 50th anniversary


Samsung SDI announced to make a ‘company with the super-gap strategy’ in the 50th anniversary.


On July 1st, the ceremony of the ‘50th anniversary of Samsung SDI’ was held, joined by CEO Jun Young-hyun and 100 employees at the Giheung campus.


Samsung SDI has scaled down its 50th anniversary ceremony due to Covid-19 with only a small number of attendees. The company held a ‘safe ceremony’ where participants should keep a 1m distance from others, get temperature screenings, sanitize hands, and wear face masks. And employees watched the ceremony on TV.



□ “Let’s have technology with the super-gap strategy, establish a  great corporate culture and enhance social responsibility in the next 50 years.”


CEO Jun Young-hyun said “Let’s make new 50 years with the super-gap strategy” in his celebration speech.


He suggested three tasks to make the ‘next 50 years’: Securing technology with the super-gap strategy, establishing a great corporate culture and enhancing social responsibility.


He stated that the super-gap strategy based on the best quality and safety will make a leading technology company, so the company should have technologies to prepare for the next ‘next-generation’. He also stressed that the company should lead the market by prioritizing the technology in the ‘next 50 years’.


A celebration speech of Samsung SDI’s 50th anniversary


He also asked employees to establish a corporate culture with autonomy and creativity where everyone can cooperate and communicate with an open mind, emphasizing the importance of the corporate culture to go one step ahead as a company with the super-gap strategy.


Lastly, he highlighted that the company should build trust by increasing social responsibility, going beyond the compliance management. He continued that the company should establish a healthy industrial ecosystem to grow with partners and create an energy that enriches our society to truly become a respected and trusted company.


□ A volunteer program was held to share the joy of anniversary


Samsung SDI has run the volunteer program joined by 10 thousand employees from six worksites in Korea to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The program has run for a month from June 1st. In particular, this year’s program has let participants have a distance from others with the concept called ‘untact.’


One good example is the ‘Dream Walking,’ a fund-raising program. The company raises fund in proportion to steps that employees have walked, and it turns out that Samsung SDI employees have walked about 1.2 billion steps for a month. Samsung SDI will spend the fund to create a school forest at a nearby school so that children can study in the clean air.


In addition, Samsung SDI has carried out various social contribution activities such as ‘Hands-on” activities that donate books, canvas art prints and other handicraft items.