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Samsung SDI, Enhancing Growth Engine of Auto 2.0 (Era of Electrified Vehicles)

- Unveiling Innovative Battery Technology at Detroit Motor Show -


□ Introducing differentiated batteries with innovative materials and designs which will lead Auto 2.0

□ Drawing a great deal of attention of customers in the automobile industry by presenting a roadmap for next-generation all solid-state battery technologies



Samsung SDI showcased its next-generation battery cells with innovative materials and differentiated designs at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS 2019) held at COBO Center in Detroit, USA, on July 14 (local time). Especially, the company set out to differentiate its technology by presenting “A Roadmap for All Solid-state Battery Technology,” which is the core of the next-generation battery technologies.


The concept of SDI's exhibition at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show is “Charged for Auto 2.0,” which implies a message: batteries of the future vehicles are ready for the Auto 2.0 era. Auto 2.0 is the term first introduced by Goldman Sachs in 2017, representing an era of self-driving, electrified vehicles, hyper-connectivity, and vehicle sharing. The exhibition consists of three concepts: 1. EV (Future Mobility Platform), 2 PHEV (Mass & Prestige of Electric Vehicles), and 3. LVS (Enhancing Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engine).




Samsung SDI has concentrated on differentiating its technology by introducing products that incorporate products where innovative materials and designs are applied as well as battery cells capable of running at 600 km and a lineup of battery cells of various generations - from 37Ah (ampere-hour) to 78Ah - that can apply to EV and PHEV.


There are two main concerns arisen in the automobile industry when it comes to the popularization of the EV. That is, increasing the driving range through enhanced energy density and lowering the prices of electric vehicles. The new products introduced by Samsung SDI are expected to significantly reduce the number of cells per vehicle, which can greatly increase the energy capacity, and therefore help automakers with cost innovation.




Samsung SDI introduced a roadmap for all solid-state battery technology as next-generation batteries and exhibited various innovative products including an advanced LVS (Low Voltage System) pack. Electrolyte, one of the four major battery materials (anode, cathode, electrolyte, and separation membrane), in all solid-state batteries is solid, not liquid, which ensures the highest safety and mileage of over 700km with a single charge.


Samsung SDI CEO Jun Young-hyun mentioned, "The battery has come to the center of the shift of automobile paradigm based on the concepts of electrified vehicles, self-driving, and hyper-connectivity." He added, "Samsung SDI will bring forward the Auto 2.0 era and lead the market through various differentiated technologies and continuous innovation.”