Battery and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Predicting and preparing for the upcoming future is important, for everyone at all times. The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has recently become a buzzword as a part our future predictions, but did you know that “battery” is absolutely essential to the this phenomenon? Let’s look into what The Fourth Industrial Revolution really is, and why batteries are so important together with Samsung SDI, the primary leader in the next-generation battery industry!





The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution represented by ”Hyperconnectivity” is fast approaching!

First, what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The term started making headlines after it was mentioned by Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum (WEF) at the World Economic Forum 2016.


“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before… The advent of a “hyperconnected society” where technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT are connected to everything will trigger a new industrial revolution…”


The Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to the transformational changes brought on by the “connection” between people, objects and spaces using advanced information & communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, mobile device and robotics.




​Similar to the previous industrial revolutions in our history, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to bring about immense economic/industrial changes. The First Industrial Revolution was a ”mechanization revolution” which began with the development of steam engines in Britain during the 18th century. It led to a huge breakthrough in productivity, shifting from manual production to mechanical production. The Second Industrial Revolution was a “mass production revolution” based on the use of electricity. The mass production system was established through the introduction of conveyor belts in manufacturing assembly lines powered by electricity from 19th century to early 20th century. The Third Industrial Revolution, known as the “knowledge and information revolution”, occurred thanks to the advent of computers and the Internet during the latter half of the 20th century. The establishment of high-speed Internet networks and the popularization of high-performance PCs enabled information exchange that exceeded physical limits.


In this regard, we can say an ”Industrial Revolution” is not just about the introduction of new machines or a new technology itself. The phenomenon arises when the introduction of a new innovation create social and economic advancement for humanity that can only be described as miraculous.​




​Many predict the Fourth Industrial Revolution will proceed in a speed unparalleled to any other industrial revolutions the humanity has ever experienced. Unlike the Third Industrial Revolution, digitalization does not occur independently any longer but is integrated into the daily lives of people. Although digitalization is invisible, it will fundamentally reshape our lifestyles and create a new system that combines the digital realm with the physical realm. As such, the concept of ”convergence” and “connection” are key points of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Then why are batteries essential in this era? Let’s find out!



Energy Transition following each Industrial Revolution: “Battery” for the Fourth Industrial Revolution! 

Following each industrial revolution, you will notice there was a transition in the energy landscape. Consequently, humanity has developed towards the direction of using new sources of energy. The energy transition from human labor to coal to electricity, and the introduction of power grids for energy supply and consumption allowed long distance energy transmission so that more people could use it with greater convenience.




What kind of energy changes will there be in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? To realize the “state in which everything is interconnected”, battery is an absolute necessity. This is because battery enables us to overcome the limits of space and time such as supplying or replenishing energy continuously once it is all used up. For instance, an AI robot is useless if it can only function for no more than 10 minutes when it is unplugged. For an AI robot to self-study through big data, it must be turned on 24/7, right? For robots, drones, wearable devices and the like to be able to move around sufficiently enough to help us, they must be powered for a long period of time without a plug. Ultimately, the solution to this problem is an energy storage device, aka battery. The realization of a hyperconnected society where no time and space constraints exist depends on battery technologies that provide large capacity and high efficiency.




​All in all, why should focus on battery for the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution? It is because battery is the core technology of hyperconnectivity.


​The global society has already taken one step into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Please remember, Samsung SDI is at present leading the global battery market with reliable technologies and quality products for diverse applications ranging from electronic small sized batteries to large size batteries for automotive and ESS. We ask you to keep an eye on Samsung SDI and its continuous progress!