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Samsung SDI Celebrates 54th Anniversary of its Foundation


Samsung SDI CEO Yoon-ho Choi highlights opportune development of next-generation technologies with timely market entries, elevation of quality standards for customer satisfaction and world-best cost competiveness

“If we pursue a new level of change and innovation, we will reach our goal of becoming a global top tier company by 2030 at a faster rate”



SEOUL, Korea – July 1, 2024 – Samsung SDI today announced that the company held a commemorative ceremony at the headquarters in Giheung to mark its 54th anniversary falling on July 1. The ceremony attendees included Samsung SDI President and CEO Yoon-ho Choi, key management staff and some 200 executives and employees.


"I express my gratitude towards the executives and employees, including our partners, who have dedicated themselves for the company over the last 54 years that were full of challenges,” Samsung SDI CEO Choi said in his speech. “For many decades, our executives and employees have been working hard for a future that we want and are still moving consistently towards our 2030 goal.”



“We currently face new challenges in the form of geopolitical and economic uncertainties, as well as a temporary slowdown in the growth of the electric vehicle and battery market,” Choi stressed. “To achieve our ambition of becoming the Global Top Tier Company by 2030, we must overcome the challenges and transform them into opportunities.


To turn the current crisis into a new opportunity, Choi called on to “secure ‘Super Gap’ technological competiveness that can lead the market in 2030.” The CEO emphasized the importance of timely development of next-generation technologies ranging from all solid-state batteries, 46-phi cylindrical batteries to dry electrode, and establishment of a broad line-up of electric vehicle batteries that can cover from the entry level to premium. He also called for early development of new technologies and timely market entry for the electronic materials business.


Choi also stressed that Samsung SDI should “lead the market by captivating our customers with quality.” “During market contractions, one of the differentiating factors that customers seek is quality,” he added. “Implementing AI-based Data Innovation in our management processes is imperative to elevate our quality standards and stay ahead in the market,” remarked the Samsung SDI CEO, suggesting that the company should further outpace the competitors by establishing enhanced quality control systems and operation processes.


“As the market contracts and competition becomes fiercer, customers demand price competitiveness even stronger,” Choi said. “I ask all employees and executives to discover new ideas for the company to secure world-best cost competiveness.”


The head of Samsung SDI concluded his speech with an idiom 雲外蒼天 that means ‘beyond the dark clouds of crisis lies the clear blue sky.’ “If we pursue a new level of change and innovation, we will reach our goal of becoming a global top tier company by 2030 at a faster rate.”


Today’s event, which was broadcast live, also included employee awards and a special, celebratory footage in addition to the CEO’s commemorative speech.