Samsung SDI



  • Net Income: attributable to Owners of Parent
  • Dividend Yield = (dividend per share) / the average share price of the previous week from the record date, which falls on two trading days prior to the date of closing the shareholder list.

Shareholder Return Policy

Shareholder Return Policy FY 2022-2024
In an effort to enhance the transparency and communication of shareholder return, Samsung SDI established Shareholder Return Policy FY 2022-2024 and disclosed it on Jan 27th, 2022.
- The regular dividends are set as 1,000 won(1,050 won for Preferred Stock), with additional pay-out of 5-10% of annual free cash flow.
  • Ordinary dividends set at KRW 1,000, as our commitment to continuous shareholder return
  • Additional pay-out from 5~10% of free cash flow