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Corporate Governance

Compliance Program

Recognizing ethical management being essential part of sustainability management, Samsung SDI pledges to further bolster our compliance system and operate and promote relevant activities via Compliance Team’s initiative, for sustainable growth as a true super-class global company.


Compliance Program indicates an ongoing, integrated system and activity, aimed at protecting the company and its employees, and preventing and minimizing legal risks by enforcing its employees to comply with laws and regulations when performing tasks. That is to say, it is the most important measure in enforcing compliance.

Compliance Program
  • Organization
  • Operation standards
  • Process
  • System
  • BOD’s willingness / organizational culture

Compliance Process

Demonstration of CEO’s willingness
Compliance training
Help Desk
Online/offline monitoring
Hotline operation
Improvement project
Compliance evaluation by division
Rewards & disciplinary actions

CEO’s Message

Samsung SDI reiterates the importance of ardent participation in fair competition and compliance for the greater leap and sustainable growth of the company.

Compliance is an integral cog in business management and it is one that can stand when all the members are united in understanding its importance and act accordingly. The tiniest mistake and mishap can lead to destroy the trust and achievements we have worked so hard and long to build as we are treading on a market without yellow cards that yield a second chance. Players who won the victory by violation and foul play are bound to be kicked out of the field. Compliance, conformance to a law and rule of the field, is a requirement for winning in such market, on top of being Samsung’s core principle. Fair competition will lead us to just and well-deserved victory. Let’s be true winners together. Thank you.

Operation Standards

Compliance Control Regulations are the supreme regulations of compliance and prescribes basic procedures and other relevant matters regarding Samsung SDI's Compliance Program.

Compliance Operating Rules regulate the duties of the Chief Compliance Officer as well as the specific procedures and policies that SDI's employees should abide by in order to comply with the Compliance Control Regulations. Code of Conduct provides guidelines and standards that employees must conform to in order to comply with the Compliance Control Regulations and the Compliance Operating Rules. Guidelines provide commentaries on 6 Samsung SDI business-related laws (fair competition, related-party transactions, trade secret, anti-corruption, privacy, and subcontract) and checklists for each relevant business practice area.

  • Compliance Policy
  • Compliance Audit Rule
  • Code of Conduct
  • Guideline

Compliance System

Samsung SDI runs a comprehensive compliance system to support its compliance activities.

  • Compliance System, an internal portal, enables to heighten understanding of the compliance system within Samsung SDI community and perform self-checks.
  • In addition, Compliance System is available anytime for advice intended to proactively prevent legal risks that may arise at work.
  • Furthermore, the Compliance System regularly updates with the legal trend at home and abroad and other information to help the employees enhance legal literacy.


Compliance Program is a key to protect the company and its employees. Samsung SDI will lead the way to global compliance management with its unshakable commitment to the implementation of compliance in its daily operation.