Samsung SDI


Social Responsibility

Shared Growth


Grow together as global leaders through win-win partnerships: dissemination of shared growth culture, creation of win-win ecosystem.

3 Key Missions & Targets

  • Boost the
    of partners
    • Support the generation of key performances
    • Nurture global operational experts
    • Support management strategies for our hidden champions
  • Expand the basis for
    sustainable growth
    • Collaborate in building an ESG management system
    • Facilitate technology/contest/development proposals
    • Expand open communication channels
  • Comply with fair
    trade principles
    • Establish and broaden the fair trade ecosystem
    • Advance our compliance monitoring system
    • Expand fair trade with our first~second/third tier partners

Key Policies

  • Transparency through compliance with laws and regulations:
    Abide by Four Major Guidelines, standard subcontracts, and compliance monitoring system.

  • Support for small partners: :
    win-win fund, assistance in implementing smart factory and innovation systems, fair payment conditions, expanded scope to 2nd-tier suppliers

  • Communication bolstering: Supplier Portal System, Samsung SDI’s Partners Association (SSP), VOP system

  • Technical training programs: wider range of topics, support for protection of patents and technology secrets, purchasing consulting, support for overseas market penetration

Operation of a department dedicated to win-win cooperation

  • Help bolster suppliers’ competence: funding, tech support, staffing, trainings

  • Secure a fair trade principle: Fair Trade Commission’s Four Major Principles, constant monitoring

Win-Win Partnership Activity

Payment Due Condition

To ensure financial stability of our suppliers, we have shortened the intervals for payment due for our suppliers.

Payment Due Condition
Payment Date 9th 19th 29th(end of the month)
Transaction Period
(tax invoice approvals)
21st – end of the previous month 1st – 10th of the current month 11th – 20th of the current month

Training Programs

Samsung SDI has established a training system dedicated to supporting our suppliers’ employees. It serves to further strengthen their expertise and technological competence. Moreover, those wishing to penetrate into overseas market with Samsung SDI receives ample support in that.

  • Catered trainings for suppliers’ employees

  • Market penetration support

  • Protection of patents and technology secrets

  • Joint development of core components

  • Productivity improvement

  • K-Escrow system for technology exchange & use

  • Purchasing consulting

Communication Bolstering

Samsung SDI’s Partners Portal works as a driver for active and lively communication between all parties.

  • Partners Portal

  • Samsung SDI’s Suppliers Association (SSP)

  • Recognizing and rewarding high-performing suppliers


Samsung SDI’s Cooperation for Coexistence Team accepts consulting requests, complaints, and other inquiries from partners. Confidentiality and non-disclosure are guaranteed. We will work to duly implement appropriate measures and corrections.

Partners Portal

A system that strives to live on a basis of win-win partnerships with all our suppliers in small LIBs, automotive batteries, ESS systems, and electronics materials.