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Samsung SDI Participates in China Cycle 2024


Samsung SDI Participates in China Cycle 2024


Under the theme 'Already, All Ready,' company unveils a holistic range of cylindrical battery line-up optimized for micro-mobility applications

Spotlight shed on the company's vast portfolio of cylindrical cells boasting high capacity and longevity for 21700 cells, tabless design, and next-generation 46-phi form factors 



SEOUL, Korea – May 6, 2024 – Samsung SDI today announced its showcase of cylindrical battery prowess in the 32nd China International Bicycle Fair (China Cycle 2024) that kicked off on May 5 for a four-day run in Shanghai. 

Cycle China is one of four major events held by the China Bicycle Association, with this year's event attracting around 1,700 businesses as participants, a 40-percent increase from the last year's scale. 




Putting forward a theme 'Already, All Ready!,' Samsung SDI presented a holistic range of the cylindrical battery line-up optimized for micro-mobility electrification. 


Samsung SDI unveiled a variety of models under its mainstay 21700 (21mm in diameter and 70mm in height) cylindrical battery. High-capacity, 20 watt-hour level models designed for a longer driving range are built with high-nickel cathode materials (more than 90-percent nickel) to increase its capacity by 10 percent and beyond. The company utilized a new material to ensure over 4,000 cycles of longevity in its long-life battery product, which also comes with a quick-charging feature.  


Building on its strength in cylindrical cell technology, the Samsung battery maker bids to target the micro-mobility market with tabless-design products as well as 46-phi batteries. With the tab welded in electrode, tabless cells have extended current paths, enabling higher output capability. 


According to market researcher TSR, Samsung SDI topped the electric bicycle market with a 31 percent share in 2023. The volume of the electric bicycle battery market was estimated to be around 1 billion cells as of last year with an annual growth rate of 4 percent. This year, the market is expected to grow further.


At its exhibition zone allocated for Battery of Things (BoT), the company illustrates the importance and value that batteries hold for the micro-mobility sector. Samsung SDI also demonstrated its environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) efforts as a green energy solution provider: the master plan to achieve 100% renewable energy transition (RE100) as well as the impressive record of making the list of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the 19th time.