Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2016

Samsung SDI published 14th Sustainability Report this year. We have analyzed issues, risks and opportunities with regards to sustainability management and come up with strategy for optimal sustainability management.

Samsung SDI - Sustainability Report 2016
  • Sustainability Management Overview
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  • 2016 High Material Issue
    • -Securing market leadership and new market development
    • -Reinforcing product safety evaluation and management
    • -Forecasting and responding to fluctuations in the future market
    • -Compliance with laws and global anti-corruption principles
    • -Building up workplace safety
    • -Enhancing R&D competency
    • -Sustainable supply chain support and management
    • -Energy reduction and utilization of renewable energy
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  • 2016 Medium & Low Material Issue
    • -Transparency in BOD composition and operation
    • -Community engagement and development
    • -Pollutant emissions management
    • -Waste management / Water use management
    • -Employee competency and career development / Work and life balance
    • -Respect toward employee diversity and equal opportunities / Active labor-management communication
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  • Appendix
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