Corporate Identity

The word mark of Samsung emphasizes flexibility and simplicity. The oval shape that represents the universe and global stage has slightly been tilted to symbolize the dynamism and innovation. The two open parts on top left corner of S and bottom right corner of G embodies corporate intent to be aligned with global villagers and to contribute to human society by promoting exchange and communication between internal and external. The prestigious logo design delivers corporate commitment to customer satisfaction through technology as well as the modern image of the leading company.

Clear space specification
국문 CI
영문 CI
Form specification
Standard Wordmark

The standard wordmark is a combination of the oval and the company name in uppercase letters and the letters are designed to fully reflect the background. Therefore, backgrounds should be chosen with care before placing the wordmark in order to maintain the integrity of the visual identifier and reinforce the strength of the corporate identity

Standard Wordmark
Wordmark Modification (for Videos and Films, Websites and Outdoor Media)

This version is to be used exclusively for videos and films, websites, and outdoor media, and should not appear on printed publications. The oval and the company name are allowed to be separated to enable a 3-dimensional representation and applications on far more diverse backgrounds

Wordmark Modification
Color specification
색상값 : C100 M80 Y0 K0

Process Color C100 M80 Y0 K0
For all printed media and publications

색상값 : Pantone 286C

Pantone Color Pantone 286C
For all printed media and publications

색상값 : R20 / G40 / B160

RGB Color R20 / G40 / B160
For videos, websites and screens

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Korean CI
Korean CI
English CI
English CI