Safety Environment Policy

Creating Safe Workplace
& Eco-Value Creation

We establish eco-friendly and safe workplaces based on
‘safe environment is the management’s No. 1 principle.’

and safe workplaces

Samsung SDI will continue its efforts to create safe,
healthy, and environmentally friendly working environment as
a world-leading company.

Safety Environment Policy

안전, 환경 경영방침
Safety Environment
  • Law & Responsibility Management
    • Initiate monitoring to prevent regulation omission and endorsement, which abides by relevant legislation of Environment Safety & Health and international standard & treaty,
      while establishing specific goal with reinforced standard.
    • SDI shall communicate with all of related parties such as employees, customers, stockholder,
      and partner and must fulfill the responsibilities and duties on environmental safety & health energy management.
    Law & Responsibility Management
  • Eco-friendly Management

    Develop eco-friendly product considering its whole process, and practice eco-friendly management with eco-friendly process technology which use of energy and resource efficiently.

    Eco-friendly Management
  • Implement value with Risk Management in advance
    • Safety first management to create a pleasant workplace.
    • Set risk management system to prevent accidents in advance and to practice
      its Self safety-management.
    Implement value with Risk Management in advance
  • Regional Green community

    Take social responsibilities as a global corporate citizenship and practice the
    continuous environment conservation to maintain companion community.

    Regional Green community