Implementation System

Sustainability Management(SM) System

Ever since the first Sustainability Management (SM) Steering Committee meeting held in March 2004 to facilitate sustainability management within the organization and increase the awareness of the concept among the employees, Samsung SDI has been operating the SM Steering Committee on a periodic basis every year as the highest level consultative body for sustainability management. All management, including the CEO, participates in the SM Steering Committee to discuss and approve the company's SM goals and strategies while sharing the trend and key issues. Sustainability management-related issues have been briefed to the BOD since 2009, in a bid to minimize risks involving CSR issues and seek new opportunities through preemptive response at the BOD level. The SM Office is responsible for the monitoring of sustainability management trend and key issues and planning. It also promotes various initiatives based on close cooperation with each business division so that sustainability management that we put into practice leads to sustainable growth and value creation.

Samsung SDI – Implementation System
  • CEO
  • SM Officer
  • SM Steering Committee
  • SM Office
  • Yearly Update to the BOD
World recognized Samsung SDI sustainability management

Samsung SDI, an Eco-friendly and clean energy solution company, has been selected as a component of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes(DJSI) for twelve years

US-based leading global index provider Dow Jones and Swiss-based investment boutique SAM(Sustainable Asset Management) have been jointly providing sustain-ability benchmarks since 1999. More than just tracking financial performance, DJSI offer comprehensive assessment of ethical, environmental and social sustainability performances of the world's large companies. Samsung SDI – DJSI Asia Pacific (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes)