Our Approach & Performance

Deforestation Prevention Policy

Samsung SDI will continuously take policies to eradicate deforestation to protect the global environment, such as protecting the ecosystem and responding to the climate crisis. Such is included in Safety and Environment Management Principle, and we support UN SDGs related to eradicating deforestation.

Deforestation Prevention Policy

In the future, Samsung SDI will not establish a plant that damages forests, and we promise to restore green areas, including forests, when existing plants are closed.


Samsung SDI will implement sustainable environmental policies, committed to achieving Net Deforestation Zero, a promise to compensate through reforestation by 2050.


Samsung SDI will establish a process to review deforestation risks of partner companies and launch an environmentally friendly management system to eradicate deforestation and protect the environment with suppliers.


Samsung SDI will cooperate with civil·environment protection groups, and even professional agencies, if necessary, and make efforts to create forest and green areas around plants.

[Deforestation Prevention Policy Enactment and Amendment History] June 2022 Deforestation Prevention Policy Enacted