Our Approach & Performance

Biodiversity Policy

Samsung SDI recognizes the importance of restoring the natural ecosystem and preserving biodiversity and incorporates such recognition into the Safety and Environment Management Principle. We support the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) objectives and UN SDGs related to biodiversity.

Biodiversity Policy

Samsung SDI will conduct and take all necessary investigations and measures to prevent, minimize, and mitigate elements and factors that threaten biodiversity when we carry out new projects such as the entry into new business bases and expanding business sites. In addition, we will make efforts to apply the policy to our suppliers.


Samsung SDI recognizes the International Convention on Conserving Biodiversity and World Heritage areas and IUCN Category I-IV protected areas and will comply with the legal standard of the state and region of the plants where the said convention is applied. Also, we will actively cooperate with external professional agencies and professional groups if necessary.


Samsung SDI will make efforts to achieve No Net Loss (biological diversity loss) in plants and promote Net Positive Impact(positive influences). We will do our best to preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity by reducing environmental impact, including eco-toxins from plants, and by introducing Life Cycle Assessment to identify products’ impact on biodiversity over its lifecycle.


Samsung SDI considers the protection of endangered rare and endemic species as the top priority and will review participating in the initiative to protect the biodiversity of the region, nation, and the world. Also, we will continue to provide employees, executives, and stakeholders with information to enhance their knowledge and understanding of biodiversity protection issues.

[Biodiversity Policy Enactment and Amendment History] June 2022 Biodiversity Policy Enacted