Our Approach & Performance

Reinforcing product safety evaluation and management

We continue to enhance quality management by prioritizing safety and quality of our products. We strive to develop products that even take into consideration our end-user environments, to supply batteries and electronic materials suitable to different applications required by the market. Learning from the Galaxy Note 7 incident, we have established more rigorous quality management in an effort to satisfy our customers.

Key strategies of Samsung SDI
Definition & Relevance
  • Strict compliance with specification and strengthened reliability testing management to secure product safety
Risk & Opportunity
  • Stricter regulations imposed by aviation authorities in regards to loading batteries on aircrafts
  • Securing and applying design and verification technology to enhance product safety
Impact boundary
  • Internally : R&D, Manufacture
  • Externally : customers, partners
제품 안전성 평가 및 관리강화에 관한 테이블 - Quality Management Training, Unit, 2016, 2017
Quality Management Training Unit 2016 2017
Ratio of ISO 9001 auditor qualification % 18 15
Ratio of quality management qualification(except for ISO 9001) % 29 26
  • * Reduction in the ratio of qualification due to increase in the number of employees with Quality Assurance Office