Our Approach & Performance

Enhancement of Internal Competence

Samsung SDI is fulfilling its human resource management in the knowledge that "Human resources create the future." From the recruitment phase, the company is making efforts in various ways to secure outstanding domestic and international human resources, and is also focused on developing systems and programs for maintaining human resources. based on the human resource development system, the company offers education programs such as shared values, leadership, job expertise, and global competence.

Key strategies of Samsung SDI
  • If motivation for employees is lacking, the employee turnover rate will increase, and direct/indirect employment costs will increase.
  • Technology power and competitiveness will be weakened due to leakage of outstanding human resources
  • Fostering of human resources suitable for tasks through reinforcement of internal education programs
  • Direct/indirect expansion of company's competitiveness through reinforcement of employees' competence
Average Training Hours per Employee 91 hours Average Training Hours per Employee
Ratio of locally-hired post leaders 52.7% Ratio of locally-hired post leaders
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