Our Approach & Performance

Compliance with laws and global anti-corruption principles

Recognizing risk management and prevention on compliance/business ethics are critical tasks, Samsung SDI complies with the regulations in the countries where we operate and continuously promote relevant activities.

Key strategies of Samsung SDI
Definition & Relevance
  • Domestic and overseas activities to enhance compliance
Risk & Opportunity
  • Stricter legal sanctions on foreign Corporations
  • Continuous compliance trainings and inspections to reinforce compliance awareness
Impact boundary
  • Internally : R&D, purchase, manufacture, sales/marketing
준법 및 글로벌 반부패 원칙 준수에 관한 테이블 - Compliance, Ethics Training, Unit, 2015, 2016, 2017
Compliance, Ethics Training Unit 2015 2016 2017
Samsung SDI Corruption Prevention* Persons 18,028 17,438 9,377
Ethics* Persons 6,971 3,645 4,097
Supply Chain Ethics Company 72 57 80
  • * Accumulated person-years