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Samsung SDI Holds 2024 Kick-off Ceremony

Samsung SDI Holds 2024 Kick-off Ceremony  


- CEO Choi calls for “a whole new level of change and innovation” 

- Company’s ASB Team to lead commercialization and mass-production of all solid-state battery, securing next-gen tech leadership

- Pledges to gain global cost competitiveness as pre-emptive response to changing market situations

- Plans to expand collaborations with current customers, acquire new customers and reinforce all-around business competitiveness

- CEO stresses the importance of top talent, unrivalled technological competitiveness, and ESG management for sustainable growth 


SEOUL, Korea – January 2, 2024 – Samsung SDI today announced that the company held a New Year kick-off ceremony at its headquarters in Giheung, Gyeonggi Province.


“The EV battery business which has been growing rapidly is expected to slow down temporarily as we are crossing the chasm in terms of EV adoption and also due to continued global economic recession. To achieve this, we need 'changes and innovation' in all business divisions,” stressed Samsung SDI President and CEO Yoon-ho Choi, in his speech during the ceremony. 




The CEO Choi enumerated tasks at hand required to achieve such initiative:


The first in point being, “Samsung SDI must secure leadership in the next-generation products and technologies,” remarked the CEO and added, “We will promote and accelerate commercialization and mass production of all-solid-state batteries, the game changer of the future battery market, through the newly formed ASB Commercialization Team.”


Outlining the fierce EV market, the Korean battery maker’s CEO said, “With the increase in EV adoption, there is more demand for price competitiveness from our customers, which is leading to greater importance on cost competitiveness. Thus, let us secure the world's best cost competitiveness.”


“While reinforcing our strategic cooperation with our existing customers, we need to search for new customers,” said CEO Yoon-ho Choi as the third task at hand. “We should also strengthen business competitiveness which has been sluggish in areas such as electronic material business.”


The head of Samsung’s battery business moved on to reiterate the importance of a solid business foundation saying, “We should make efforts to secure early Super Gap Technology by constantly securing outstanding talent and expanding global R&D centers,” and added, “In the journey to accomplish these tasks, we need to pave our foundation for sustainable growth through compliance management as well as ESG management.”


Samsung SDI CEO Yoon-ho Choi closed his New Year Message with a quote: “Let's put in endless efforts and ensure that we bring a new level of change and innovation to make the Year of the Blue Dragon the point in time we soar like dragons flying in the sky and riding the clouds. (飛龍乘雲)”


The 2024 Kick-off event was attended by some 200 employees and executives and streamed live via the in-company broadcast to all Samsung SDI’s sites in Korea. Incorporated in the event were the Global Annual Awards (GAA) that recognize excellence demonstrated throughout the year, the Samsung Grand Maestro Award, New Year celebratory video clips, and the CEO’s New Year speech.