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President and CEO YOONHO CHOI said, “communication is the cornerstone for change and value creation”

President and CEO YOONHO CHOI said, “communication is the cornerstone for change and value creation”



□ President and CEO CHOI carried out ‘open-talk’, townhall meeting, with members of Samsung SDI

​□ President and CEO CHOI said, “the keys for communication are continuity and sincerity”







“Communication is the cornerstone for change and value creation in order to become the true No.1 Company.”

Recently, Samsung SDI’s President and CEO YOONHO CHOI carried out ‘open-talk’ with executives and staff members and ‘communication workshop for the management’ consecutively for the promotion of horizontal and flexible organizational culture.”


□ President and CEO CHOI carried out ‘open-talk’, townhall meeting, with executives and staff members

Samsung SDI announced that President and CEO YOONHO CHOI carried out ‘open-talk’, tonwhall meeting, with executives and staff members with the theme of ‘communcaiton and cooopeariton’ on April 13.


At the site, attendees were President and CEO YOONHO CHOI, EVP Kim Yoon-chang, Battery Business, EVP Kim Kwang-sung, Electronic Materials Business, EVP Chang Hyuk, SDI R&D Center, EVP Kim Jong-sung, Business Management Office, and some staff members including Change Agents. Also, ‘open-talk’ was broadcasted to all members in real-time.


At the event, President CHOI stated, “communication is the cornerstone for the change and value creation and active listening is the starting point.” He also added, “communication without sincrerty is no use.”





In the Q&A session, the gem of ‘open-talk’, President CHOI sincerely responded to the complicated questions such as wage negotiation, use of paternity leave, and providing incentive. He also openly shared his thoguths and personal experience reagardmg the questions such as ‘the most difficult moment and rewarding experience at work’ and ‘key for the success’.


Lastly, President and CEO CHOI stated that he is thinking and preparing for things to do from now on in order to make Samsung SDI as the Global Top Tier Company by 2030, and he shared them with executives and staff members to complete the goal of making Samsung SDI as the true No.1 Company all together.


After the talk, Samsung SDI shared the feedbacks from the members.
Some of the feedbacks are as follows; “this unprecedented type of talk was very fresh and great”, “it was a good opportunity to hear about thoughts of the President on various matters”, “I could feel the sincerity from the President’s reflection and strong will towards communication”.

Samsung SID announced that many showed great expectation towards next open-talks.

□ President CHOI’s moves on the improvement of communication for the last 4 mounts

President CHOI pointed out the keys for the communication are ‘continuity’ and ‘sincerity’. He also said, the true communication comes from ‘treat each one of members with sincerity and try to communicate with them continuously’.


After the appointment, President CHOI proved his strong will on communication if we look at his movements for the last 4 months.

He contributed the substantial amount of time for the communication with members throughout lunch meetings and discussion sessions with members at home and abroad, reaching up to 30 meetings.


He recently visited overseas subsidiaries to hear about the real voices from the site and shared Samsung SDI’s vision and goal with the local staffs. He also asked them to achieve the goal with mid-to-long term perspectives.


President and CEO CHOI is planning to host lunch meetings with various members and launch quarterly open-talks with specific theme for the promotion of active communication. 


Also, before the open-talk event, on April 4, executives including President CHOI participated in ‘communication workshop for the management (online)’ for the change of mindsets at Samsung Electronics’ Human Resources Development Insitutne located in Seocheon, Korea.


□ 10 Hidden Heroes were chosen and awarded

On the other hand, before the open-talk event, there was the award ceremony for ‘Hidden Heroes’. Hidden heroes mean those who did their best for the development of the company as carrying out their task silently.


Awards were give to those who meet President CHOI’s major management keywords the most, namely ‘super-gap technological competitiveness’, ‘superior quality’, and ‘qualitative growth that prioritizes profitability’. Samsung SDI quarterly chooses and awards 10 hidden heroes.


President CHOI will have the lunch meeting with the chosen hidden heroes, thank their performance, and listen various opinions on different sites.