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Samsung SDI Introduces a Lineup of Various High-Performance Batteries

□ 21700 Battery Products, the “New Normal” of Cylindrical Batteries
□ Utility/Residential ESS with Remarkably Improved Capacities
□ Diverse Electric Vehicle(EV) Batteries advancing the full-fledged EV era

Samsung SDI featured a wide range of high-performance batteries during the InterBattery 2017, including the cylindrical 21700 model.


InterBattery 2017 was held in Coex Seoul for three days from September 27(Wed) with Samsung SDI displaying present and future technologies through small-sized//ESS/EV batteries, as well as next-generation all-solid-state batteries(ASSB).


InterBattery hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, is an exhibition Samsung SDI has been participating since 2013.


During the 3-day event, the cylindrical 21700 model was indeed at the center of all the attention at Samsung SDI’s booth. This battery is 21mm in diameter and 70mm in height, with 50% higher capacity than the previous 18650 model(18mm diameter, 65mm height). The commercialization of 21700 means that now a battery pack can be manufactured by connecting fewer batteries compared to 18650.


In particular, the size of 21700 is optimal for extended life, output, and not to mention capacity which ensures cost competitiveness. Therefore, many predict 21700 will be the next standardized model of cylindrical batteries.


[Samsung SDI exhibited the 21700 model which will become the “New Normal” of cylindrical batteries] 


Many assess Samsung SDI opened the New Normal era of cylindrical batteries through the display of 21700 battery mounted power tools, golf cart, and electric bikes during the exhibition.


SDI also showcased ESS(energy storage system) products which have been gaining more attention recently. Utilizing innovative design technology, Samsung SDI introduced a Utility ESS model with an increased capacity of 9.1MWh. Utility ESS products are generally installed in power plants, commercial facilities and others to store energy for unstable power demands and reduce maximum load. Lower maximum load leads to lower basic power rates, a reason why many companies welcome these products.



Residential ESS products with higher expandability were displayed as well. Residential ESS are installed in homes, allowing the user to store power generated from solar panels into ESS batteries and use it when required. The market for such products is rapidly growing in Europe, where solar panels are more popularized.


[Samsung SDI introduced innovative ESS products with higher capacity] 


In addition, Samsung SDI exhibited an EV battery model with a capacity of 94Ah, a 50% increase compared to the 60Ah model. At one of the booth corners, BMW i3 which uses Samsung SDI batteries was displayed, catching the eyes of many visitors. SDI also presented the all-solid-state battery model, a technology under the limelight as the next-generation power storage solution. An all-solid-state battery uses solid electrolyte, as opposed to liquid ones which dramatically improves safety.


Vice-President of Planning for Samsung SDI, Hojun Song said, “…With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the importance of batteries is becoming ever more evident...”, further stating, “Samsung SDI will continue to lead the global battery market through constant development of batteries that offer the best performances for diverse business environments.”