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Samsung SDI, displayed its full line-up at Beijing Motor Show

  • ◇ Samsung SDI presented its product, an implementation of world’s top class safety technology
  • ◇ Displayed ‘Long-life fast-charging cell’for commercial cars, which allows 80% charging within 30 minutes… 
        Together with other high-tech products including ‘Standard type module’ and ‘cylindrical cell’
  • ◇ Providing total solution, spanning from cell to pack, through local ‘one-stop production system’ in China
  • ◇ Samsung SDI CEO, Nam-Seong Cho said, “We will take a key part in developing China’s electric car market”

Samsung SDI (CEO: Nam-Seoung Cho) participated Auto China 2016, held in Beijing from the 25th of this month, and presented various high-tech products targeting China’s electric car market.

Samsung SDI has previously attended two major motor shows in China: Beijing 2014 and Shanghai last year. This time, Samsung SDI exhibited its products that implemented world’s top class safety technology, together with various batteries for electric cars spanning from sell to module and pack including fast-charging cell, standard type module and cylindrical cell.
 Those products of Samsung SDI have been developed with its world’s top class safety technologies including overcharging prevention, insulation structure that blocks electrical contact from outside, overheat prevention and temperature control.

Especially, Samsung SDI’s battery production lines for electric car are being operated by MEM (Manufacturing Execution System), which benchmarked world’s top-level semiconductor manufacturing technology of Samsung Electronics.
By means of MES, Samsung SDI manages production and quality history of its whole products, creating the same legend of “Zero recall” in the field of electric car batteries, as we have achieved it in the field of small-sized battery for IT devices.

Samsung SDI’s high-speed charging cell is the industry’s top level product, high-powered and long-lasting cell that no performance degradation occurs even after repetitive charging as fast as 80% within 30 min. This is particularly for the commercial car makers who wish to make it possible to quickly charge the car in a short lunch time and drive in the afternoon. This product can maximize the utilization of electric cars for it enables two successive operations in the morning and in the afternoon.

Reducing the charging as well as extending the driving distance is one of the most competitive technologies in the battery industry. Car makers are asking battery companies for developing faster charging cells. Therefore, current release of high-speed charging cells will give more opportunity for Samsung SDI to obtain orders.

Samsung SDI exhibited various types of cells and modules including 37Ah, 50Ah, 94Ah, 120Ah, and more. 50Ah cell has improved capacity by 35% compared to 37Ah cell, and 120Ah by 28% compared to 94Ah. In particular, 37Ah and 50Ah cells, and 94Ah and 120Ah cells are applied the same standard type modules, respectively. Standardizing module type makes it easy to standardizing car design, so it’s an advantageous feature.

Usually a module consists of 12 battery cells tied together in a row, so applying 50Ah and 120Ah cells to the existing module design allows development of electric cars with extended driving distance, greatly saving development cost. In this respect, it attracts high attention of many car makers.

In addition to prismatic type, Samsung SDI also displayed cylindrical batteries, of which Samsung SDI, the world’s top company in the field of small-size battery for IT devices, is holding unrivaled competitiveness. EV companies in China have been adopting more cylindrical batteries recently.

Samsung SDI released ’18650 cell’ (18mm in diameter, 65mm in height) together with ’21700 cell’ (21mm in diameter, 70mm in height) that has increased energy capacity by maximum 35%, showing its advanced technology.

□ China is now leading the development of global electric car market. According to the research institute like HSBC, 330,000 electric cars (EV and PHEV) were sold in China last year, increased by more than 240% compared to 2014. Moreover, China’s proportion of global electric car sales has jumped from 27% in 2014 to 47% last year.

In order to target the Chinese market, Samsung SDI is planning to establish local ’one-stop production system’ for cells, modules and packs to provide total solution to the car makers in China, utilizing Xian plant and battery pack production base of Magna, which it acquired last year.

The President of Samsung SDI, Nam-Seoung Cho, stated, “As China becomes the world’s largest hub of electric car market, Samsung SDI is going to take a key part in developing China’s electric car market by providing various customized products and establishing local one-stop production system”