Stock Information

Ownership structure (As of December 31, 2018)

  • Largest shareholder., Etc. 20.6%
  • Foreign investors 39.0%
  • Domestic institutional investors 23.3%
  • Retail investors 12.3%
  • Treasury 4.8%
Shareholders/Shareholders/Holding shares/Ownership (%)/Relationship with the company
Shareholders Holding shares Ownership (%) Relationship with the company
ShareholdersSamsung Electronics Holding shares13,462,673 Ownership (%)19.58% Relationship with the companyLargest shareholder/Business
partner in purchase and sales
ShareholdersNational Pension Service of Korea Holding shares8,147,452 Ownership (%)11.85% Relationship with the companyFinancial investors

* The above major shareholders are the stock ownership status of shareholders over 5%.
* As of December 31,2018, the number of total common shares outstanding is 68,764,530