Where can I find out the Samsung SDI CM music?

Samsung SDI TV CM song is specifically composed in harmony with the CM concept and the general atmosphere and not produced as a disc. You can enjoy the beautiful theme music of the commercial on SDI Homepage > Cyber Channel > Advertisement > TV.

I would like to get company brochure of Samsung SDI.

You can acquire quite a few information on our company since the company-related  introduction is well addressed in Samsung SDI homepage. Take a close look at Digital Brochure section of the homepage, and if you want to receive our annual report, please call at 02-727-3100.

What kind of exhibitions is Samsung SDI taking part in?

Since Samsung SDI is a highly specialized display manufacturer, it participates in professional display materials-related exhibitions.

Can I buy product at the booth during the exhibition period?

Samsung SDI is a professional display manufacturer, so you can purchase finished goods made by Samsung Electronics Co.,. Please refer to the website of Samsung Electronics for the information regarding the product you would like to buy.