[General Information] Where can I get most updated operational and financial information about Samsung SDI?

You can find such information either on IR section at our website or at the Korea Exchange Disclosure System website.

[General Information]What IR activities are you doing in order to increase the shareholder value?

Earnings Release is held every quarter - in January, April, July and October, to present our earnings results to domestic institutional investors, analysts, and journalists. All quarterly results and IR materials are publicly noticed at our website or at the Korea Exchange Disclosure System website for individual investors.

For overseas investors, every quarter, we are actively involved in IR road shows or conferences in US, Europe or Asia. Furthermore, we also host line tours of domestic and overseas plants upon request of investors, and keep on daily one-on-one meetings with investors and analysts. We strive to receive appropriate evaluation from the market by disclosing and demonstrating overall corporate information regularly.

[Stock Information] Until when should I hold the stocks to receive interim and year-end dividends?
All companies close their books at certain time point in order to settle their profits and losses. Samsung SDI closes its accounts once in a year at the end of December and distributes its dividends to shareholders within certain limit of profits subject to dividends. Interim dividends may be distributed once in a fiscal year. Dividends period should be decided at Board of Directors' Meeting. To receive such dividends, shareholders should keep their stocks by two operating days before the closing date of shareholders' register. In order to receive year-end dividends for 2011, our shareholders should have hold our shares until December 27, 2011.
[Stock Information] How many Samsung SDI shares are outstanding?

As of end of June 2011, the total number of common shares outstanding is 46,488,341 and preferred shares 1,647,896.


[Stock Information] I am a shareholder of Samsung SDI. How can I participate in an Annual General Meeting?
Please bring the invitation letter that has been sent out to our shareholders and your identification card to attend our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
[Stock Information] How many treasury stocks does Samsung SDI hold? Do you have any share buyback plans?

Samsung SDI is currently holding  2,363,649 treasury shares (2,255,249 of common shares and 108,400 of preferred shares). (End of year 2010)

Share buyback plans should be decided upon financial status (cash flow) of the company. Currently, we expect a large amount of investment to be executed for several years for our key growth drivers, Battery for xEV, ESS(Energy Storage System), Solar cell businesses. Although no share buyback plan has been determined at this point (as of year 2011 so far), we would consider it if we strongly believe that it is inevitable to raise the shareholders' value.