What is Compliance Program?

The word compliance has its origin in “Comply” and “Appliance,” indicating that compliance means an appliance to support strict observance of law and regulations. 

That is, Compliance Program serves as a guidance for compliance needed for company management.

What is Compliance?
‘Compliance‘ is defined to be adherence to law, rules, and regulations. Compliance in the company context is “management by law” and “management by principle.”
How does Samsung SDI operate Compliance Program?
Samsung SDI operates Compliance Program in six areas that are close to its business characteristics; Fair Competition, PL, IP, Finance & Accounting, Environment, and Labor. With the compliance team in place, Samsung SDI drafted the operation standard and manual, established process for systematic operation of the compliance program, and put compliance system in place. The ultimate goal of Samsung SDI’s compliance is to settle down the compliance culture within the company.
Will I have time for study while I'm working there?

Yes. Samsung SDI provides its excellent staff with study opportunities such as Techno MBA, Socio MBA, regional specialists, academic training, and advanced technology research. After work, you will also be able to join language training courses where you can have conversation with native speakers. Besides this, you will be provided with various training courses related to your major.

The requirement level of 6 Sigma Quality is a numerical value almost close to no defect. (3.4ppm less) Then, what is different from the ‘Zero Defects’ concept set forth by Crosby in 1979?

“Zero Defects” set forth by Crosby was focused on no defect of a product. So, it is a concept to emphasize on a result rather than on a process. However, the concept of 6 Sigma focuses on a process, not a product. In other words, it values much of the course that prevents defects by improving processes. This is the different point between 6 Sigma and the existing “Zero Defects”.

* ppm : A measuring unit based on 1 million defects. (Parts Per Million)

What is Samsung SDI’s vision?
World Wide Display & Energy No.1 Company
Vision of Samsung SDI is to become worldwide No. 1 company in the field of display and energy. In order to achieve this vision, we are striving to maintain top in the existing business like CRT, Mobile LCD, to reach top in the new growth engine like PDP, Lithium-ion Battery, OLED, and to develop next generation display and energy, the future business.