Business Ethics & Compliance

Samsung Business Principles Preface

Samsung aims to be a world-leading company, devoting our human resources and technology to create the best products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.
To this end, we share and pursue Samsung Values: People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, Co-prosperity.
As part of the effort to realize these values, we follow the Samsung Business Principles. These are not only our promise to comply with laws and good ethical practices but also a concrete expression of our commitment to these values. The Samsung Business Principles will be the guiding standards for everyone in Samsung, outlining the conduct expected of all our employees both individually and collectively.

Five Principles

Principle 1We comply with laws and ethical standards.
  • 1-1 We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals.

    We respect the basic human rights of everyone.
    We do not, under any circumstances, permit forced labor, wage exploitation or child labor
    We do not discriminate against any stakeholders, including customers and employees, on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religion, etc

  • 1-2 We compete fairly, complying with laws and business ethics

    We comply with the laws of the countries and communities in which we conduct business and we respect business competition standards and practices
    We do not take any profits from unethical business practices
    We do not permit the exchange of gifts, entertainment or any other form of bribery as an inducement to engage in unfair business practices

  • 1-3 We maintain accounting transparency by keeping accurate records.

    We accurately record and maintain all business transactions to provide objective information on business activities for all stakeholders
    We abide by accounting rules of relevant countries and internationally accepted accounting standards
    We disclose material business matters such as major financial changes, corporate information as prescribed by law

  • 1-4 We do not intervene in politics and we maintain a neutral stance on all political issues.

    We respect the political rights and opinions of the individual. However, political activity should be kept outside of the workplace.
    We do not use company resources for political purposes.
    We do not provide illegal political donation.

Principle 2We maintain a clean organizational culture.
  • 2-1 We draw a strict line between public and private affairs in all business activities.

    When the interests of the company and the individual conflict, the legitimate interests of the company should take precedence.
    We do not use company assets or the position within the company for personal interest (including embezzlement and misappropriation of company assets).
    We do not allow securities transactions such as trading in the company shares utilizing internal business information.

  • 2-2 We protect and respect the intellectual property of the company and others.

    We do not divulge internal intellectual property and classified information without prior permission or approval.
    We respect the intellectual property of others by avoiding acts of infringement such as copying, distribution, modification or use without permission.

  • 2-3 We create a healthy organizational atmosphere.

    We foster positive working relationships by prohibiting harmful practices such as sexual harassment, violence and inappropriate monetary transactions between colleagues.
    We do not allow favoritism or private groups based on external affiliations that is detrimental to the harmony within the company.
    We establish win-win labor-management relations based on mutual trust and open communication.

Principle 3We respect customers, shareholders and employees.
  • 3-1 We value customer satisfaction the top priority in our business activities.

    We provide products and services that meet customer needs and expectations in a timely manner.
    We treat our customers with sincerity and kindness, and attend to their proposals and complaints
    We respect and protect our customers' reputation and their personal and proprietary information.

  • 3-2 We focus on shareholder value.

    We strive to provide long-term benefits to shareholders through rational investment and efficient management.
    We strive to make stable profits and increase the market value of the company with robust business operations.
    We respect the rights, opinions and reasonable requests of shareholders.

  • 3-3 We endeavor to improve employees' quality of life.

    We provide equal opportunities to all employees, and treat them fairly based on their abilities and performance.
    We encourage all employees to pursue continuous self-development and we actively support the improvement of their capabilities for better business performance.
    We strive to provide a workplace environment that fosters personal initiative and creativity.

Principle 4We care for the environment, health and safety.
  • 4-1 We engage in environment-friendly management practices.

    We observe global standards, related laws, and internal regulations related to conservation of the environment.
    We endeavor to protect the environment in all business operations, including product development, manufacturing and sales.
    We strive to implement activities that use resources efficiently such as recycling.

  • 4-2 We value human health and safety.

    We observe global standards, related laws, and internal regulations related to safety.
    We strive to prevent accidents by complying with safety regulations and fostering a pleasant work environment.
    We take every precaution not to supply products and services that could harm human health and safety.

Principle 5We are a socially responsible corporate citizen.
  • 5-1 We actively perform our duties as a corporate citizen.

    We endeavor to raise public trust in our company by fulfilling our responsibilities and duties as a member of local communities.
    We strive to generate stable employment and fulfill our responsibilities to pay taxes faithfully

  • 5-2 We respect the characteristics of local custom, culture, and society, and strive to prosper together with local communities.

    We respect the laws, cultures and values of the countries in which we do business, and we contribute to the quality of life of local residents.
    We lead the improvement of societies through the support of public activities such as education, art, culture and sports.
    We actively participate in public services such as volunteer activities and disaster relief services.

  • 5-3 We build win-win relationships with business partners.

    We form reciprocal relationships on the basis of mutual trust with our suppliers, and treat them as strategic partners.
    We reinforce our suppliers' competitiveness with legitimate support in order to achieve co-prosperity.