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Company Info Sustainability

Our Approach

Key strategies of Samsung SDI.

Eco-Value Creation

Samsung SDI establishes eco-friendly and safe workplaces based on its CEO’s volition saying, ‘safe environment is the management’s No. 1 principle.

’ Therefore, the company makes various efforts to minimize its impact on the environment while spreading the management and culture of safety as top priority.

Samsung SDI will continue its efforts to create safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly working environment as a world-leading company.


  • Incurring costs and damage to reputation in the event of untoward incidents
  • Increased demand for a company to disclose data on safety and environmental activities
  • Strengthened laws and regulations related to safety and environments
  • Imposed duty to reduce GHG


  • Minimized damage of human lives and property by preventing safety incidents
  • Sharing and spreading a culture of safety among employees, suppliers, and local communities
  • Enhancement of company value by obtaining various certifications related to safety and environment
  • Cost reduction through reduction in energy usage and GHG emission


  • Employee Injury Rate(Total injury count/total hours worked*200,000)
  • LED Installation rate (Domestic sites)
  • GHG emission intensity
    13.52tCO2e/KRW billion

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