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Our Approach

Key strategies of Samsung SDI.

Eco-Value Creation

Samsung SDI focuses on minimizing its environmental impact and ensuring effective use of resources throughout all processes of its products and services. In 2013, it has executed the environmental management by establishing the group-unit management organization into the team and by intensifying it into the exclusive-charge executive system, and it also spearheads the effort to enhance energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions, with its Low Carbon, Clean Energy Management.

Also, as the issue relative to use of the chemical materials is raised as the safety matter, it has developed and operated the chemical material management system (G-EHS).


  • Establish environmentally-efficient manufacturing processes
  • Consider the environment in the entire lifecycle of business segments
  • Design eco-friendly products and services
  • Contribute to society and the environment
  • Maintain and improve an eco-friendly supply chain


  • GHG Efficiency
    Up by1.35times
  • Water Use Efficiency
    Up by2.58times
  • Hazardous Chemical Use Efficiency
    Up by2.05times
  • Waste Efficiency
    Up by2.66times
  • Waste Recycling Rate
  • Waste Landfill Rate

Performance of 2013 over 2005

Efficiency: Eco-efficiency calculated by 'Sales(KRW 100 million) divided by environmental load (environmental load unit)'

Waste Recycling rate: Calculated by including incineration that recovers heat from waste as a recycling method.

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