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Small-Sized Li-ion Battery Overview

Small-Sized Li-ion Battery

Samsung SDI, Your Ideal Business Partner

Since entering the lithium-ion battery business in 2000, Samsung SDI has established itself as a leader in the field by constantly developing market-leading technologies and products. It has established the trust of its customers by actively responding to the demands of its customers and the market. Samsung SDI also introduced the Manufacturing Execution System, which an excellent system based on the spirit of prioritizing quality. The company has ranked number one* in terms of the global market share of the lithium-ion batteries since 2010 through continuous technological innovation and market-driven activities, and it has established itself as a global leader of the lithium-ion battery market.
*Based on B3 Reports (a research firm specializing in Li-ion batteries, 2011~Present)
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Technology Leadership

  • Develop the world's best performing products
  • Constant R&D investments

Samsung SDI has continued to introduce products with the best capacity and performance in the industry, and is now leading the global lithium-ion battery (Li-ion battery) industry as the number one firm in the Li-ion battery market in terms of the market share. Samsung SDI has become the world's leading provider of total battery solution from battery materials to cells and packs. About 1,500 R&D engineers are working hard to develop the next-generation battery solutions to meet customer needs for various applications.

Excellent ManufacturingSystem

  • Advanced Manufacturing System
  • Proven Safety and Quality

Samsung SDI has introduced the manufacturing execution system (MES), an automated operation system for management of product quality, manufacturing facilities, and production processes to improve the quality of the products. MES enables management of foreign substances and tracking of the production history of individual cells through Zero Contamination Control, thereby allowing the Samsung SDI to supply products that are reliable and have consistent quality. In addition, the company has one of the world's fastest production line and technology, and provides its customers across the globe with the best quality cells and packs made in South Korea, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Furthermore, Samsung SDI has an in-house test lab that is officially certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and can test the safety of the products that use Samsung SDI batteries. Samsung SDI also guarantees the quality of its products by conducting product testing that accounts for the operating environment of the product via CET (Customer Environment Test) and Field Risk Review.

World-class Supply ChainManagement

  • Operation of Global Supply ChainManagement System
  • Global Sales & Service Network

Samsung SDI provides a large amount of products to its customers around the world in a timely manner via the GSCM (Global Supply Chain Management) system that connects its global production lines. Samsung SDI can also respond to customer inquiries, acquire orders, supply products, and provide after-sales services anywhere in the world through its global sales & service networks and FAEs (Field Application Engineer).

Proven Performance

  • World's No. 1 Li-ion Battery*

As the world's leading manufacturer of Li-ion batteries, Samsung SDI supplies products of superior quality and performance to major customers around the world. Based on the experience of business with global customers, Samsung SDI promises every customer the highest performance.

*Based on B3 Reports (a research firm specializing in Li-ion batteries, 2011~Present)

Small-Sized Li-ion Battery Application

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