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Company Info Social Contribution

Employee Donations and Volunteer Activities

These are the employ donations and volunteer activities of Samsung SDI.

The domestic and overseas staff/executives of SDI do the liability as the company citizen, and support the regional society, execute the social contribution activity so as to communicate and harmonize with the regional society and to make the warm growth.

The staff/executives have donated the specific amount of the monthly wage and shared this with the isolated class of the regional society, and they positively participate in the regional society service activity such as continuous service activity for the sisterhood service place, talent service activity sharing the technology and capability, and etc.

Sharing activity participation rate of staff/executives As of Dec., 2013

Donation participation rate
Service activity participation rate
Service activity hours per person
No. of service teams
203teams General team: 178 teams, talent service team: 25 teams
No. of affiliation services