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This is the corporate overview of Samsung SDI.

So Good Company

We will strive to create a company that satisfies customers, shareholders, and partners and to grow into a global leader acknowledged and respected at home and abroad

Since establishment in 1970, Samsung SDI has continued its path of challenge towards creative innovation and brighter future. Highly innovative and differentiated products of Samsung SDI created with cutting-edge technology can be seen everywhere in our daily lives.

Samsung SDI has led the Korea’s electronic display industry for the past forty years. SDI has created and fostered electronic display industry in this barren land of electronics industry as it has expanded its businesses and technological leadership from vacuum tube and cathode ray tube manufacturing in the initial stage to cutting-edge innovations, including LCD, PDP, and AMOLED.

Samsung SDI also gained a Champion title in global secondary lithium-ion battery (LIB) industry within a short period of time after the company ventured into the business in 2000, now serving as one of the core businesses that solidify its reputation as a global leader. Now, Samsung SDI is seeking to change its business portfolio from electronic display products to eco-friendly energy solutions, writing another chapter of our industrial history in energy sector.

The secondary lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI are rapidly expanding their applications from digital mobile devices such as cell phone and laptop to electric vehicles such as xEV and Energy Storage System (ESS). Our employees are sparing no effort to further develop new and innovative technologies and products and to expand our presence into untapped markets.

Samsung SDI takes pride in being the first Korean company to introduce sustainability management, which we believe is one of the key concepts of management enterprise. Additionally, SDI will continue to work to achieve our promise and goal of being a trustworthy and respected enterprise through continued effort to fulfill its duties and responsibilities. With significant efforts, I’m proud to inform you that Samsung SDI has been selected by DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes) for ten consecutive years, a first ever achievement in Korea.

Looking ahead, Samsung SDI’s goal is to be a first-class company that is beneficial and open-minded towards everyone’s needs; our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees. Furthermore, we will continue to work towards our vision of becoming a distinguished company that not only satisfies the needs of our customers, but a company that is proudly acknowledged by societies throughout the world.

Samsung SDI is a pioneer who will lead the future industry of new energy businesses based on rechargeable battery solutions. To preserve and maintain the great reputation built over the past 40 years, Samsung SDI will continue to strive towards future success.